Introducing Traders Platforms, a Traders Group Company

Fragmentation is the enemy of retention and others tips from my journey into UX-geared trading platforms.

Last month it was announced that Traders Education is evolving into Traders Group, which is composed of three distinct entities: Traders Education, dedicated to the creation of high-quality educational content for traders; Traders Marketing, continuing the innovative work we started with our created line of marketing optimization tools; and finally Traders Platforms, which I was deliberately vague about.

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I have tried to shed light on the reasons behind this move, and in another recent post explored the world of trading platforms, UX, and some common mistakes there. The main argument in that piece was that most new platforms seem very derivative of the existing ones we all know and love, with MT4 occupying a central position.

It’s not all about initiating buy and sell orders

I had to keep my cards close to my chest at the time and was forced to talk around the subject, especially when it came to the specifics of what I would do differently if I were to develop my own platform.

As some of you may already know, this is because I was actually in the middle of doing just that. So, today I would like to go into a little more detail without giving the whole game away.

The point of this article is to give you some background information on the Traders Platforms entity and to share some of our ideas and values ahead of our first product launch at the end of this month.

UX is queen

Content is king, UX is queen, and they must have a happy marriage

If content is king, then user experience is queen. Period. Want to know why? Because content may drive user engagement but the actual experience of users is determined by the interfaces that allow them to access and interact with that content.

For an online business to be successful, regardless of the industry, the king and queen have to be happily married, there’s just no other way. After all, one is what customers want and the other is the means through which they can get it.


This idea is central to the philosophy of Traders Platforms. Whatever the project, the user and their experience always comes first. A trading platform can and should be viewed as a content delivery technology rather than as just a glorified price feed. Content delivery systems tend to have a lot more thought put into their design than trading platforms do. We choose to view trading platforms in this way because it allows us to focus specifically on user experience.

Content delivery systems tend to think more of design than trading platforms

For instance, we see the “content” of our trading platforms as being far more than just a history of candlesticks and moving averages. The content is also what the experts are saying, what your peers are doing, what’s moving and shaking the markets you trade as well as crucial information on how it all works and fits together.

A hub for your traders

At Traders Platforms our products are not just means for initiating buy and sell orders. Our platforms are trading hubs through which the entire experience of trading is managed.

You keep your customers happy by keeping them close, by integrating as many of the interactions they require; be they funding, customer support, social trading, analysis or education, all in one place. There’s a reason for this. The devices and interfaces we use quickly become extensions of us, which is why you feel so naked when you forget your phone at home. They also inspire a level of brand loyalty that was unheard of before the online revolution.

Fragmentation is the enemy of retention

They quickly become parts of our personalities, we argue over their respective merits and defend them to our peers. These ideas are central to how we are envisioning the future of the online trading industry and how we are attempting to get it to take these next important steps towards mass adoption.

Change is coming 

We’re very excited to be launching the first product from Traders Platforms at the end of May. It has been a long time in development and is informed by an even longer history of industry experience and insight. It’s actually a miracle that I haven’t revealed more about it up until now. I’ve had to be extremely disciplined in biting my tongue and holding everything back until the launch.

I hope that I’ve been able to share some of my passion for the project as well as the thought that has gone into it’s development. Not long to go now, stay posted for the big reveal and make sure you come by our booth at this year’s iFXEXPO for a test drive.

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