FX Brokers are Shifting to FXCubic, and We Cover the Reasons Why!

FXCubic's liquidity engine provides brokerage firms the ease of mind through several innovative technology solutions.

This special article explains the reason and highlights the phenomenon we are all noticing lately; the emergence of a game-changing connectivity solution for FX Brokers and a massive shift to FXCubic’s technology.

With extraordinary times still upon us, brokerages face many uncertainties and many opportunities through volatile and fast-changing markets.

That is why, more than ever before, modern brokerage firms need a solution that will allow them to stay ahead of their competition by finding alternative ways to advance their resources, risk management tools, and overall operations.

This is where FXCubic’s low latency and high-performance bridging and execution solutions come in.

FXCubic’s liquidity engine provides brokerage firms the ease of mind through several innovative technology solutions, under one umbrella, that allows a Broker to optimize their time effectively and efficiently while taking advantage of the sudden market fluctuation.

FXCubic offers user-friendly innovative liquidity technologies that allow brokers to configure the software from a single interface easily. Through this interface, a brokerage firm can access several user-friendly features that will optimize any broker’s time and resources.

Brokerage firms using FXCubic’s liquidity engine are able to offer unique trading opportunities and an overall better trading experience for their clients in all simplicity and reliability.


Below are some of the exclusive features of FXCubic’s technology:

The Pricing Policy

FXCubic’s software combines multiple exclusive functionalities designed to increase a client’s profitability and can be easily automated.

This includes collecting the market depth available from all providers onto one depth table, allowing to target the best price and trade size from individual providers.

This is even more important in the case of B-book trades as the bridge will be automatically running the price checks based on the market’s depth always to ensure the best execution for traders and brokers.

FXCubic’s complex algorithms will selectively and temporarily suspend data feeds which will be automatically removed for protection against LP pricing faults or network problems.

This feature additionally allows brokers to deal with LP order rejections in real-time and with clear visual support.

Furthermore, the high flexibility of FXCubic features related to slippage control and management can significantly reflect on the brokerage profitability and the final client life cycle.


Execution Strategy

FXCubic’s engine allows clients to truly create their optimal execution policy through extensive customization for order executions. The engine enables every customer profile to be fully independent and customized to meet both traders’ and brokers’ requirements.

FXCubic can proudly claim that no other routing engine can offer the same level of flexibility and granularity.

Configurations through FXCubic’s solution can be saved into profiles, allowing clients to switch between profiles with a single click or even pre-schedule a switch between these profiles.

These configurations can be set to change according to the day and time automatically. An example of how the configurations work is by pre-scheduling a configuration to switch to the bridge settings to “volatility mode” when the Non-farm payrolls (NFP) report is released once per month.

During this time in which high volatility is expected, the bridge settings will become different than those on regular market conditions. The markup policy will be changed to automatically match the trader’s best practice in such market conditions.

The configuration changes include markups, maximum spreads, slippage rules, toxic trading protection algorithms, B-Book protection tools, and much more.

Moreover, all these configuration changes can be applied to individual trading accounts, groups, symbols, or trading size, and many more criteria, making the flexibility of the automation tools merely limitless.


Advanced Reporting

Built into FXCubic’s web-based GUI is a reporting interface that gives quick access to analysis of individuals’ trades and prices. The brokers’ reports are highly analytical, visual, and provide every detail of a single order.



FXCubic’s versatile interface is web-based, allowing brokers accessibility from anywhere at any given time, from any device.

The software’s practicality goes above and beyond with alerts, warnings, and notifications integrated for ease of use and ensuring an instant response from the dealing desk.

FXCubic provides an overall technology solution that will inevitably increase brokers’ profits, optimize time and offer further control and management features through a single interface eliminating software and plug-in incompatibilities – a user-friendly all-in-one solution.

Allowing brokers to have different layers of access for users or employees will save brokers many resources through our revolutionizing solution.

These sophisticated functionalities, coupled with an impeccable record of stability, professional and proactive customer support service, have made FXCubic the main FX Brokers’ main address!

The question now remains: “Will all FX Brokers eventually end up using FXCubic’s innovative technology?”

Visit their website to learn more about how the FXCubic Liquidity Engine benefits modern brokerage firms.

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