Following Successful ICO, SaTT Hits the Market

DeFi has been a massive game-changer for several industries, and the social network market is an obligated participant.

Regardless of the existing uncertainties, it is obvious that the world is going decentralized, and the creator market— a world where content creators own their craft and provide information across their platform —is here to stay.

Around September 2021, Atayen, an app development firm, announced the launch of its SaTT (Smart Advertising Transaction Token) after a successful ICO that raised roughly $7.1 million. This token, the firm says, it’s going to change the world of advertising forever.

Let’s unfold how SaTT— a Blockchain-based token— bridges the gap between advertisers and content creators, and potentially unlocks a goldmine in the advertising market.

How SaTT Works

SaTT has been on a glide towards building more efficient, transparent and equitable advertising methods by creating what are called advertising pools or ad pools. This, along with ‘social network farming’ allows advertisers to pay content creators in a transparent manner.

This is first being tested through a YouTube advertising pool called the Proof Of Concept: YouTube Challenge. Using this, YouTubers can earn SaTT for promoting advertisers on their channels and by hitting certain milestones.

The first ad pool recorded about 100 million SaTT tokens and its biggest goal is to bring in up to 5 million views for advertisers. The advertisers who have contributed to the pool pay content creators for reaching certain goals on their platforms, specifically in terms of views and audience engagement.

As they continue to create and reach the milestones that have been set by the advertisers, they will receive the SaTT through their accounts. The beauty of this process is its decentralized feature — a lot of the middlemen who typically control this process are removed.

However, for content creators, especially YouTubers, having massive engagements on every post comes with downsides, and “demonetization” frolics at the top.

SaTT particularly solves this issue and ensures the earnings of creators are protected.

Brands are able to contribute to the Ad pool by putting funds in an escrow account and the content creators can solicit ad payments based on the performance of a piece of content.

SaTT, Changing the Advertising Sector

The world of advertising is very complex and becomes even more intricate when online content creators and social media platforms are brought into the mix.

Regardless of some of the challenges being faced, it is clear that social media content creators are not going anywhere and will continue to be relevant in the world of advertising for years to come.

With the SaTT, a new payment structure can be introduced through which content creators can get paid without the interference of middlemen and advertisers can set performance goals to be met.

This is a beneficial situation for all involved and leveraging blockchain makes the process all that more fair and transparent.

Clearly, there is a lot of investor support for this idea given that its ICO successfully raised over $7.1 million and we can expect even more support moving forward.

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