Broker Solutions HUB – Award Winning Tech from Match-Trade Technologies

Broker Solutions Hub won the 2021 B2B Global Forex Award for The Best Technology Provider.

The Forex industry is developing dynamically, which defines the direction of development of technologies available on the market. Match-Trade Technologies has always had strong IT competencies, and their technologies are highly appreciated on the market.

The company recently introduced its Broker Solutions Hub and has won the 2021 B2B Global Forex Award for The Best Technology Provider.

With the growing competition in the Forex technology market, the offered conditions are becoming more and more generic. That is why the provider is shifting towards offering all-inclusive solutions.

As Michael Karczewski, the COO, said: “Match-Trade Technologies is a Hub of solutions for Forex Brokers. We’ve built our own technological environment to guarantee the maximum performance of the tools we provide. The more we’re pleased that the Global Forex Awards have recognized our hard work. Being named the Best Technology Provider on the market with the customers’ votes means a lot to us as it proves that we are going in the right direction.”

Match-Trade’s experts have long been noticing the popularity of the solutions, for example, in a growing number of customers. Still, they are also aware that combining those solutions with outdated platforms without proper integration won’t allow Brokers to fully exploit their potential. The company wants to offer institutional clients a comprehensive range of IT products that seamlessly interact within the system. As they believe that’s the only way to provide clients with a modern business background.

Match-Trade system is based on MT4 / MT5 White Labels and a proprietary Match-Trader platform. The offered platforms are included in the liquidity distribution system, under which customers also have access to ultra-fast data feeds.

The team has also created the proprietary Client Office with CRM and Business Intelligence feature to provide advanced analytics. It allows brokers to offer traders a PAMM / MAM solution or a social trading app. Match2Pay – the company’s own payment processor, has a proven high acceptance rate, which is why it was recently added to Praxis Cashier.

Match-Trade Technologies provides turnkey solutions and consulting services to help Forex Brokers boost their business and constantly expands its offer.

To meet the needs of the institutional clients, the technology provider has included in the system regulated liquidity available through our partner.

Last year, MTT established a strategic partnership with Match-Prime, a licensed liquidity provider. Match-Prime’s liquidity solution relies on Match-Trader Pro, Match-Trade’s proprietary institutional platform and ultra-fast matching engine also developed by MTT’s experts.

Together, companies have created an offer that provides clients with access to the custom package of liquidity combined with the White Label platform.

Thanks to this, they have significantly expanded the offer for institutional clients from the European Union.

Match-Trade values partners who make their products and services better. That’s why its software is integrated with the most prominent providers on the market to give clients comfort and access to a wide range of tools.

“We want to be a one-stop-shop for Brokers, a place where clients can get everything they need for their Forex business. Our Broker Solutions HUB includes multiple solutions seamlessly connected to each other. We offer White Label platforms, Client Office and CRM integrated with different payment providers; all of this connected to the Liquidity distribution system. In other words, it is a complete environment to start or expand your own FX Brokerage,” said Sargis Manukyan, Head of Broker Solutions at Match-Trade Technologies

Forex consultants have long gone beyond technical maintenance. Today, customers no longer seek service providers; what they need is a business partner.

On the one hand, Match-Trade’s team provides new brokers with formal support related to business registration and choice of jurisdiction. In addition to providing a complete trading solution, they also help clients calibrate their business to start – they advise on setting spreads and markup, choosing the best business model.

The company has also prepared a base for marketing activities and acquiring leads through a branded website clients can get with their White Label platform.

On the other hand, large, regulated brokers can count on an individual approach and custom offer. Not only in terms of cooperation but also in custom technical solutions.

Match-Trade prides itself on creating solutions for unique customer requirements; they have been adding special features to their apps or integrating specific regional payment providers at Broker’s request.

If you feel that your business needs a boost to grow or if you’d like to get more information about the solutions included in Match-Trade’s Hub, don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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