5 UX Features to Facilitate Token Sale Participation

No matter how good your idea it is often the user experience that decides the fate of your token sale

UX – user experience – is the main assistant (or enemy) in token sales, where participants need to be facilitated and carefully ‘guided’ towards contributing. If they stumble at any step or feel that they do not have sufficient information, they are likely to either reduce their participation or stop altogether.

Here are five UX features that help you create the most seamless experience for your contributors.

The importance of UX in token sales

No matter how good your idea or how thorough your whitepaper – it is often the user experience that decides the fate of your token sale. If the process isn’t seamless, it can drive potential investors away.

Token sales deal with real money, which means contributors appreciate simplicity, clarity and a convenient experience. It is frustrating when instructions are sparse or small issues are not clarified, prompting questions and mistakes, which can result in lost funds and wastage of time.

Additionally, given how prospective contributors have possibly already spent a decent amount of time researching your venture, a poor experience can leave them severely disappointed. In light of the above, there are 5 key improvements to implement in order to shorten the user’s path to your token.

1. Ability to login with social media accounts

Put the case, there’s no need to “verify” the email of your new users when LinkedIn, Twitter or Google have already done so.

Prompting your contributors to leave your website is the last thing you want to do. When people have already decided to purchase tokens, redirecting them to their mailbox and prolonging the registration procedure by at least five steps can force users to reconsider.

In addition, filling out text boxes manually is pointless when you can provide new users with the option to automatically complete the registration form with details from their social network profile.

COINAdmin, which is a complete token sale management solution, comes with four social networks your users can register with – Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook – which have a combined total of over 5.8 billion accounts. COINAdmin also supports GitHub, which remains popular among crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

To sum it up, the social login feature has these advantages:

  • New users don’t leave the website – streamline the registration process;
  • Automatically fill out the form – investors spend less time doing tasks manually that can be completed with a click;
  • Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn – four of the most popular social networks available;
  • GitHub support; appreciated by crypto developers and enthusiasts

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2. Simple but informative ‘Buy Tokens’ page

After logging in with COINAdmin, your users are immediately greeted by the ‘Buy Tokens’ page – which includes a minimalistic countdown timer and funding progress bar that creates a sense of urgency and entices investors to participate.

The page also displays an investor’s current balance and current bonuses available. Handy payment options buttons redirect investors directly to the purchasing interface.

Additionally, all of the information on the ‘Buy Token’ page can be embedded into the home page of your token sale through a versatile API.

  • ‘Buy Tokens’ is landing page after logging in;
  • Countdown Timer motivates investors to buy;
  • Include info on ICO home page through API

COINAdmin, token sales, UX

3. Streamlined purchase interface

When it comes to the purchase, there’s no space for clutter. The interface for buying tokens is streamlined and minimalistic but includes all the important details for your investors.

The final amount of tokens purchased has been broken down to show token price and bonuses by types. The payment address has a quick copy button, and there is a QR code that can be scanned instead.

All of this ensures your contributors are clear about the contribution they are about to make, and are not distracted by unnecessary information.

  • Minimalistic purchase interface – only the important information is included;
  • Price calculation is broken down;
  • Investors can choose between copying wallet address and scanning QR code;

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4. Help section

COINAdmin’s navigation bar includes a help section that has been separated from the rest of the options to underline its importance. Tabs included in the Help section by default include Documents, News, and F.A.Q.

This section helps keep your contributors informed and answers some of the most common questions they may have, without forcing them to leave the interface.

  • Help Section – easy to find in the navigation bar;
  • Documents, News, and F.A.Q. all in one place;
  • News includes the latest tweets from your token sale’s Twitter page.

5. Live chat integration

While F.A.Q are great, often contributors have questions which they need to be answered ASAP, and that’s where the live chat integration in COINAdmin comes in handy. Using the live chat, contributors can request support 24/7, directly through the interface.

Customize Your Token Sale for an even better experience

The 5 features listed above are developed to deliver a great user experience, but it doesn’t end there. COINAdmin also has full customization support for the dashboard, including extra features such as support for localization and third-party KYC solutions. If you’re interested in a complete token sale dashboard solution, look no further than COINAdmin.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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