To Identify Network and Trading Issues, FXecosystem Launches FXeco-Eye

FXecosystem is introducing FXeco-Eye, a visualization tool that makes it easier to uncover the root cause of network related issues

Adding a new service to its trading connectivity solutions, FXecosystem is introducing FXeco-Eye. The new product is aimed at making it easier for network/trading support teams to uncover the root cause of network and trading related issues. A visualization tool, FXeco-Eye provides a graphic overview for FXecosystem customer data flows.

According to FXecosystem, in addition to providing a graphical interpretation for firms to analyze their data flow, FXeco-Eye also provides alerts when SLA thresholds are breached. Upon problematic events happening such as data slowdowns or drops in connectivity, FXeco-Eye can be used to create ‘post-event’ analytics to track the issue. Using these results, FXecosystem believes that FXeco-Eye will also provide a solution for firms to have a greater understanding of their capacity requirements for better server planning.

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With the release of FXeco-Eye, the product adds to FXecosystem’s array of services that are centered around connecting FX participants. Within the industry, FXecosystem is known as the operator of the largest dedicated FX network. Upon connecting to the network, customers are able to leverage the network’s close proximity for low latency connectivity between participants.

Its new product, FXeco-Eye, is a real-time network and flow operational monitoring and data visualisation tool which provides clients with a unique, graphical overview of their flows. Users can examine the network fabric/traffic and business flows in time-series windows, receive automated alerts when SLA thresholds are breached, benefit from timed reports and use visual aids on screen to pinpoint potential issues.

Commenting on the launch, James Banister, CEO of FXecosystem, stated: “FXeco-Eye provides drill down data to a granular level enabling users to troubleshoot network, application and connectivity issues without creating disruptions to business critical flows. It is easily accessible via a web browser and works across multiple asset classes.”

FXeco-Eye Analytics Dashboard for Venue Performance and Volumes
FXeco-Eye Analytics Dashboard for Venue Performance and Volumes
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