OpenFin Integrates Symphony’s Secure and Compliant Communications

Symphony Software Foundation is a nonprofit ‎organization. ‎

New York-based OpenFin, a provider of HTML5 runtime technology for the financial industry, ‎today announced that it has contributed code to the Symphony Software Foundation, which offers secure collaboration and workflow technology. The integration brings secure and compliant ‎messaging to OpenFin’s operating system.‎

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The collaboration with Symphony allows users to communicate and distribute content directly from the ecosystem of applications already ‎running on OpenFin. Currently in beta ‎testing, communications can be initiated by the trader, or automatically based on a specific ‎market event or situation, which ensures seamless deployment and the interoperability of ‎Symphony.‎ ‎

Symphony Software Foundation is a nonprofit ‎organization that has helped push open innovation via its ‎secure messaging platform solutions. The Symphony Software ‎Foundation now counts more than 50 projects, 100 contributors, four active ‎working groups, and 25 member organizations. Overall, the primary ‎impetus behind Symphony is to foster the adoption ‎of opensource technology within financial services.‎

Earlier in 2016, Symphony added OpenFin as a ‎Foundation Member, joining the ranks of other companies ‎in the FinServ space.‎ The collaboration between the two venues helped ‎enable OpenFin and other member organizations to push ‎fintech standardization, thereby contributing to the ‎Symphony platform. ‎

Set up in 2010, OpenFin has grown to serve more than 45 of the world’s largest banks and trading platforms including BNP ‎Paribas, Citigroup, HSBC, ICAP, JP Morgan and RBS, ‎which now use OpenFin to deploy applications both in-‎house and to over 250 buy-side and over 40 sell-side ‎customers.‎ OpenFin OS is also licensed across more than 125,000 desktops and is used to ‎deploy hundreds of applications to over 400 major banks and buy-side firms.

Mazy Dar, CEO of OpenFin, commented: ‎“A commitment to open source software has been a core guiding principle at OpenFin and ‎we’ve always strongly supported the Foundation’s efforts to bring that ethos to finance. By enabling Symphony to run on the OpenFin operating system, ‎we are making it easy for our mutual customers to unify the Symphony desktop experience ‎with their other OpenFin-based apps.”‎

Gabriele Columbro, executive director, Symphony Software Foundation, added: “I am particularly ‎thrilled to see OpenFin leveraging open source and open standards to integrate with another ‎Member’s platform. By embracing open source, vendors can benefit from each other’s ‎ecosystems, enabling each firm’s best-in-class technology to reach the widest number of ‎developers. And by leveraging open standards, they can ensure high longevity integration to ‎their customers, resulting in a positive-sum game for the entire industry. It’s through efforts ‎like these, under the transparent and independent forum of our Foundation, that we are ‎sparking innovation on new, high-value collaborative solutions which have the potential of ‎reshaping Wall Street.”‎

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