Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Integrates OptionsPlay to Promote Options

Nasdaq users will be educated on the potential benefits of using options for clients’ portfolios.

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright, part of Nasdaq, Inc., announced this Monday that it is integrating OptionsPlay into its Global Research Platform, in order to give its clients access to options strategies.

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright is an investment advisory, research, and model portfolio business and was created after Nadsaq, Inc. acquired Dorsey Wright in 2015. OptionsPlay, on the other hand, provides analytics for options data which allows clients to generate investment insights.

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Following the integration, OptionsPlay analytics are available to Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Platform users. Specifically, they will be able to access educational materials, as well as strategic insights based on the options market.

The main aim of the integration is to accelerate access to tools for advisors, who don’t have access to options data or the ability to integrate it into their strategies. In addition to providing the tools needed for advisors, by adding OptionsPlay to its platform, Nasdaq users will be educated on the potential benefits of using options for clients’ portfolios, the statement said.

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Tony Zhang of OptionsPlay
Tony Zhang
Source: LinkedIn

Commenting on the announcement, Tony Zhang, the Chief Strategist at OptionsPlay said: “The options markets provide opportunities to generate income and mitigate portfolio risk but have traditionally remained opaque to a large segment of the advisor community. Integrating with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s Research Platform helps make options more accessible for a significant number of advisors.”

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright and OptionsPlay Integration to Boost Options Advisors

According to the statement, the integration not only wants to give users more tools to help them trade options, but it also aims to increase volumes in the number of advisors who use options.

Jay Gragnani of Nasdaq Dorsey Wright
Jay Gragnani
Source: LinkedIn

“Advisors are expanding their reach for sources of income, information and insights to serve their clients, and options can be an important key to that expanded capability,” added Jay Gragnani, Head of Research and Client Engagement at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright.

“Our collaboration with OptionsPlay is instrumental in making options more accessible to the investing public as well as expanding our research offering to our clients.”

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