Nomura Launches New Asset Management App

Users include those who do not have an account with Nomura.

Nomura Securities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, today announced the launch of its new asset management application OneStock. The app was created in collaboration with software company Money Forward, Inc. and can be used by a wide range of users, including those who do not have an account with Nomura, the firm revealed.

Nomura said in its statement that, as people live longer, awareness of healthy life expectancy and the useful lifespan of assets is becoming increasingly important.

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“To address clients’ concerns about building and managing their assets, the app will help them understand the future lifespan of their assets based on their income, expenses and current assets,” the company added.

Managing assets

The app will also enable clients to easily see the assets they have at different financial institutions such as banks and securities companies and manage them together, the company explained.

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By understanding what assets they have, clients will be better able to consider strategies to extend the life of their assets.

Future plans

Nomura also plans to introduce other functions and features that allow clients to view assets such as health insurance and real estate.

Additionally, the app will offer services such as monthly and yearly asset reports regarding overall assets and individual stock performance. Clients will also be able to access premium services for a fee.

Nomura said it is working on expanding the scope of its business from the public to private side services. Leveraging Nomura’s expertise in face-to-face sales, the firm will provide new value to clients by helping them build their assets.

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