Monex Group Successfully Acquires Viling

Monex is planning to expand its presence in the education business.

Japan-based Monex Group announced the successful completion of the acquisition of Viling Inc today. The Group has acquired all shares of the Tokyo-headquartered company.

Through the latest acquisition, Monex Group has entered the education business. The Group termed the announcement as a major step towards its future strategy. Monex Group revised its business principles earlier this year and established a goal to support individuals through efficient educational tools.

Since 2013, the newly acquired company has been engaged in STEAM education. In addition to educational materials and content, Viling manages its own classrooms and operates franchises.

“With STEAM education, Viling nurtures problem-solving skills through the use of technology and other means to develop human resources who can play an active role in the new ‘Society 5.0’. We believe Viling, with its global standard educational theories and its philosophy and passion for social contribution, is the best partner to pursue Monex Group’s new business principles,” Monex highlighted.

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In October 2021, Monex announced the launch of its wealth management services. In an effort to meet the growing demand from its customers, the Japanese firm offered the services under the newly established Private Wealth Department.

Education Business

Japan, a country with a rising number of billionaires, is a hub to some of the world’s best educational institutes. Education plays an important role in the financial sector of any economy. With an aim to provide quality educational services, Monex Group has combined its resources with Viling’s expertise in STEAM education.

“With Viling’s expertise in STEAM education cultivated through its businesses with Monex Group’s knowledge of networks and cutting-edge IT technology accumulated through its financial services, we will provide a wide range of high-quality, primarily STEAM educational opportunities that enable individuals to achieve self-fulfilment. Through initiatives that contribute to enhancing the well-being of individuals, an education that allows each individual and child to develop his or her abilities in accordance with their shape and level, Monex Group aims to optimize the lifetime balance sheet of individuals,” the Group added.

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