Integral, Euronext Report Solid FX Volumes for September

Trading desks at some of the largest players in the foreign exchange market were experiencing higher volumes last month.

Foreign exchange trading volumes rose to a yearly high in September across Integral’s trading platforms as increased volatility across financial markets led to greater activity on the institutional FX venue.

Average daily volumes topped $41 billion last month, which is up 10 percent compared with the figures from the previous year and was also higher by 3 percent relative to August 2020.

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The FX technology company has recently launched the 7th iteration of its relationship-based trading platform – FX Inside (FXI). The upgraded FX liquidity aggregation solution addresses the business needs of brokers, banks, institutional and algorithmic trading clients. Specifically, the web-based trading solution will be available through HTML5 browser and mobile devices, and it will enable users to offer a single dealer platform (SDP) to their customers.

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Euronext Also on the Uptick

The FX trading venue of Euronext, which operates the biggest pan-European exchange, has reported trading volumes for September 2020. The report showed the strong metrics it set in the month prior. Euronext FX, formerly FastMatch, reported a total of $459 billion that changed hands in the previous month, representing an 18 percent increase from the $397 billion reported back in August 2020.

In addition, the exchange’s institutional FX trading venue saw its average daily trading volumes amounting to $21.3 billion in September 2020. This is up 12.6 percent month-over-month from $18.9 billion in the previous month.

Taking a year-over-year perspective, Euronext’s total currency turnover was up 17 percent from $401 billion in September 2019 while its ADV figure advanced with 11.7 percent compared to $19.1 billion a year ago.

Other institutional FX platforms, including CLS and Thomson Reuters, are also expected to report a significant rise in volumes of last month as volatility picked up, and the secular trend of rising FX volumes comes into play again.

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