VT Systems Launches VT Trader for MT4

Technology provider VT Systems has announced the launch of a MT4 server side plugin to integrate its visual based VT

Technology provider VT Systems has announced the launch of a MT4 server side plugin to integrate its visual based VT Trader platform on Metatrader platforms. Learning more about the product, Forex Magnates spoke to Yury Arane, Program Manager at VT Systems.

Who is your target market?

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Our target market are MT4 brokers that would like to differentiate themselves from the rest of the field by offering a different client side trading user interface (application) while maintaining the existing MT4 back end.

What makes the new VT4 different to the MT4i UI launched a couple of years back (IBFX 1st to launch)?

Our offering is very different for MT4i: it is a desktop application — not a web based service
it is a full featured trading application: it receives and displays rates feed and charts, displays positions/orders, allows to place all sorts of orders, does technical analysis, runs indicators and trading systems, etc. — in short does everything that any trading application would do,

What are the 100+ automated trading systems that you mention in your press release? And what language do the strategies run on?

Trading systems are similar to EAs in a sense that they are scripts running within a client side trading application. Our trading systems are written in a simple but powerful proprietary language (different from MQL) and have coding and testing facilities much like MT4. We have literally thousands of these systems pre-coded by our staff and user community.

Are there plans for a mobile platform?

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VT Trader is a desktop Windows application. We do have a mobile application for MT4 but it is a separate product.

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VT Systems launches VT Trader™ for MT4
Visual Trading Systems (VT Systems), a leading Forex and CFD technology provider, announces the release of its “VT Trader™ for MT4” desktop client-side trading application.

Known as VT4MT4™, the application utilizes a new MT4 server plug-in to seamlessly integrate the award-winning interface of VT Trader™ with the industry standard MT4 trading platform backend.

VT4MT4™, is an excellent differentiator for existing MT4 Forex brokers, allowing them to diversify their offerings by providing their clients with an exciting alternate front-end application. The implementation of VT4MT4™ allows existing MT4 brokers to:
• Distinguish themselves in the commoditized MT4 space;
• Drive additional trade volume through VT Trader’s™ suite of technical tools and automated trading systems; and
• Tap into the large market of existing VT Trader followers.

VT System’s™ revolutionary implementation allows for an extremely easy and fast deployment. VT4MT4™ allows brokers to forgo the large costs usually associated with deploying a new trading platform. The VT4MT4™ implementation lets brokers retain control of all client, data, trade and execution management through their existing MT4 interfaces and requires no separate VT Server deployment. Retail clients reap the added benefits of being able to manage their trades interchangeably between VT Trader™ and MT4 with full cross-margin capabilities.

VT Trader™ has been a long-time favorite of advanced technical traders and beginners alike, having become a resounding hit with more than 1 million users worldwide. Traders will be able to take advantage of VT Trader™ advanced features including:
• Ability to trade directly from the charts,
• 1-click trading,
• An intuitive, multilingual docking-based GUI,
• Customizable workspaces and charts,
• Flexible position and order management,
• Integrated risk management tools,
• Real-time market news,
• Chart pattern recognition technology,
• A full arsenal of advanced technical analysis tools,
• 100+ built-in indicators,
• 100+ built-in automatic trading systems,
• A powerful UI and scripting language with built-in algorithmic trading features for creating custom indicators and automated trading systems, and
• Advanced API programming interfaces.

MT4 is the most widely deployed trading platform in the retail Forex and CFD space. Its unquestioned popularity stems from its numerous advanced features, ease of maintenance and acquisition, and wide deployment across hundreds of Forex brokerages.

VT4MT4™ is available on a volume, per customer or site license basis. Deployment typically takes under a week. VT Systems provides customization services at additional costs for brokers looking to modify the VT Trader feature set or look and feel.

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