O-Systems Launches New Binary Options Platform with Focus on Forex Familiarity

With 30 active brokers using their technology, O-Systems is launching their newest binary options trading platform, OSYS 8.0, with new

Binary options technology provider O-Systems has launched their newest front end trading platform to brokers and end-user traders. Called OSYS 8.0, the platform brings several new features to the market. Similar to their initial launch three years ago in 2012, when their initial iteration was the first binary options platform to utilize a social trading stream, O-Systems is aiming to offer customers a unique look to separate themselves from competitors.

Among the features, the three that stood out are multi-chart functionality, a “forex” platform look and, for lack of a better description, “incentivized reverse trading.” The OSYS 8.0 launch this year is part of a larger goal for 2015, one that sees O-Systems aim to expand their brand recognition among existing brokers. Currently, the firm has 30 broker brands using their technology in the market.

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Forex to binaries and back

Speaking with Haim Lagziel, founder and general manager at O-Systems, he explained to Forex Magnates that their belief is that to maximize client lifetime values, brokers are best suited to operate a business model that utilizes both forex and binary options trading. The view is based on the fact that not every new trader understands forex trading well, and the ease of up/down prediction is better suited for many leads. Similarly, successful binary options traders may graduate from the product and will be looking for forex offerings.

As part of O-System’s belief that forex and binary options products are complementary, Lagziel explained that OSYS 8.0 was purposely created to look similar to forex web trader platforms on the market. The result is that they have added some standard interface features which are used by MetaTrader 4 such as multi chart functionality and symbol drag-and-drop to initiate new charts. Color schemes and layout out of the box for OSYS 8.0 are also made to appear like those of forex web traders.

Overall, Lagziel commented that they believe their niche in the market is to service more experienced entrants in the binary options market. This could be forex brokers looking to add binary options services or professionals with a previous understanding of marketing and sales-focused businesses. As such, OSYS 8.0 was created with broker users in mind that could use the platform to eventually upsell forex services to their customers or introduce binary options trading to dormant forex account holders.

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Incentivized reverse trading

Currently called “Super Cash,” but which might be renamed in the near future, is an incentivized reverse-trading feature. Already integrated in the platform from the product’s roots is the abovementioned social trading stream. In it, users see new trades being opened and can follow specific traders and/or copy their trades.

Adding to the existing social stream are Super Cash trades. The product is actually just the publishing of opposite direction trades of those on the social stream. As such, if a trader opens a EURUSD binary option call, Super Cash will promote a put option using similar timeframe and prices. The innovative aspect of it is that brokers can customize the promoted put trade at better trading odds. As such, while a one minute put trade may typically offer an 80% payout, the incentive Super Cash system will show a 90% payout (customized by the broker). The goal is to provide brokers the ability to promote opposite direction trades to hedge their risk and guarantee a profit on the trades regardless of the market’s direction.

o-systems osys 8.0

Risk management

When it comes to risk management, binary options brokers have two options: handle it internally or have it managed by the binary option provider. The two methods have their pros and cons, with many new brokers that arrive with existing lead bases and sales teams preferring to focus on client acquisitions and to allow risk to be managed externally. For other brokers, handling risk management internally optimizes potential profits as they have more control of when to increase payouts to generate new customers or whether they want to promote specific asset types.

Leagziel explained that O-Systems brokers handle risk themselves. He noted that this is the case as they feel it is the best solution for their broker clients which tend to be more experienced. Overall, within the industry there is a split forming between binary options operators; A portion is focusing on offering greater customization features to their clients, while others are marketing a simpler end-to-end turnkey business.

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