Devexperts Hints at AI Future with New Version of its Chatbot

The company equipped its new AI-powered chatbot Devexa with voice support to enable a streamlined first line of support

One of the leading software developers in the industry, Devexperts, launched a new product today, catering to some specific broker needs. The company is deploying its AI-powered chatbot called Devexa.

The new product aims to facilitate support services provided by brokers to their clients. Moreover, it also delivers a glimpse into the future of support and provides a new way for brokers to cut costs.

Devexa will be available on Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram and will soon launch on WeChat. With the deployment of voice control support, a broker’s clients can communicate with the chatbot through Google Assistant.

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“This is only the beginning; the market is far from saturated and there are still many use cases to develop and explore. The uptake of Siri and Google assistant and other products like this are seeing massive leaps forward,” explained the SVP of Software Engineering at Devexperts, Evgeny Sorokin.

Saving Manpower

With a software support system driven by a chatbot being the first line of support, valuable resources are deployed to other aspects of providing a smooth customer experience. Any intervention of support specialists is reserved for more complex cases that require special attention.

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This not only delivers a smoother communication experience for the clients but also cost savings for the broker. In a market that is increasingly competitive, brokers have been paying more attention to savings.

Devexa is fully integrated with the CRM and back-office systems of the broker. It automatically smoothens out some retention and onboarding procedures using a conversational voice and text UI. The software is using natural language processing to understand what customers are saying.

Among the available functionalities, we see requests for real-time quotes, charts, and fundamentals from the chatbot. Customers can also reach out to the broker’s help desk instantly, and save time by texting and voice typing. For brokers, this chatbot represents a new engagement channel, which is aimed at boosting their clientele base and their affiliate business.

The integration of the chatbot into messaging applications, there is no need for the customers to download and install a specific app to access market data. Clients can simply add the Devexa ChatBot to a messenger of their choice and will be able to obtain market updates, check their balance, pending orders, positions, and even execute trades.

Devexperts is providing the service for white labeling and brokers can customize the product to cater to their own preferences. Firms can integrate customized workflow procedures, knowledge bases and data sources.

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