Binary Options Provider TradoLogic Gets Patent Approval

In the competitive binary options industry, owning and protecting your intellectual property is an important part of survival. On this

trado logicIn the competitive binary options industry, owning and protecting your intellectual property is an important part of survival. On this note, binary options platform provider TradoLogic has announced that European and Japanese authorities have approved their patent requests. The approval follows similar news from the company in January from the US. The patents cover trading features such as roll overs, take profits, and insurance order types.

Europe and Japan Approve TradoLogic’s Patent Request for Exclusive Trading Tools and Features

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European and Japanese authorities have made a major move towards granting patents to the leading binary options industry software platform provider.

Last week Europe and Japan approved TradoLogic’s patent application regarding a variety of unique trading tools and features. The authorities on the Old Continent and in the country of the Rising Sun based their move on the recent patent the company received in the United States.

TradoLogic has thus entered a patent-pending state for its exclusive tools and features in Europe and Japan after it got a huge success in the United States.

As the first to invent these progressive binary tools and features, TradoLogic had to make a move for safeguarding its intellectual property against abuse from other companies. Therefore, the binary software provider took steps to apply for patent before the launch of the products. The move was part of the company’s strategy to prevent other players on the market from coping TradoLogic’s unique tools and features.

Trading tools allow traders to change position/strategy during the lifetime of the option (“Mid-Trade”), e.g.

Extend (Roll Over)
Enables traders to extend the expiration time of a particular option.

Close (Also known as Take Profit or Stop Loss)
Enables traders that are ‘out of the money’ to stop an option before it expires, thereby curbing their losses.

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Traders can increase investment on an open option which looks poised to make a profit and receive a double payout on expiry, if the prediction was correct.

Traders can purchase a type of insurance policy which, if a particular contract expires ‘out of the money’, guarantees a refund of the original investment.

Trading Features allow traders to use them to make strategies before they get into positions, e.g.

Traders can specify a target profit amount, and then instruct the system to continue executing the same trade sequentially, until either the desired profit level is attained, or the risk capital is exhausted.

Parlay trade (Triple)
Like in spread betting, the trader can trade and execute 3 deals (or more) simultaneously in order to capitalize on triangulated asset correlation, thereby maximizing their profit potential.

Pending Order (also known as Knock In)
Allows executing an order only according to a user’s predefined price condition.

TradoLogic’s approved patent includes tools and features such as Close, Extend, Double, Insurance, Parallel Trade and more.

TradoLogic applied for patent five years ago (in 2008) and officially three years ago in May 2010 but the patent was only recently officially issued. During the last year, Tradologic applied those patents also in main European countries as well as throughout Japan.

TradoLogic Management is still considering how to act against the binary platform providers who violate their patent.

About TradoLogic: TradoLogic is the world’s number one binary options trading platform provider. The company offers innovative solutions to the financial trading industry. We are committed to delivering utmost excellence through full collaboration and goal-oriented interaction with our clients.
TradoLogic’s technology has been constructed specifically for the binary options trading market. It is created with the vision of a product that seamlessly integrates a robust and efficient platform, providing maximum entertainment for the end user, while ensuring top performance for platform operators. TradoLogic’s turnkey solution provides premium features and support tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic financial trading market.

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