Auto Trading: All You Ever Wanted to Know, Now in a New Research

Forex Magnates introduces a new research into the growing trend of auto-trading: what is it, what are the leading platforms,

autotradingIn a brand-new research, Forex Magnates offers its readers an in-depth analysis into the rapidly developing world of auto-trading. Whether you are looking for basic guidelines and glossary for the auto-trading industry, or an experienced professional looking for ways to raise your game, this research will provide you with fresh insights and useful knowledge of the market.

By mapping the auto-trading market and its key players, this unique research will answer every question you may have about this industry. It includes an explanation of what is auto-trading, how it differs from pulled fund operators or other trading forms, a review of the main methods for auto-trading and an examination of leading platforms.

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The research also analyses the rapid growth that the auto-trading industry has experienced over the last 3 years. It looks into the countries and regions where auto-trading has rooted itself with hundreds of thousands of users and more than $240,000,000 in funds. Considering relevant regulation and its affects on the way companies trade, the research presents the implications of the market’s growth and provides estimations for further increase in users and volumes during the next five years, and up to 2018.

The research contains detailed data about the leading companies of the industry, the numbers of auto-trade users, trade volumes, what are today’s largest markets for auto-trading and what are the strategic future possibilities for the industry’s major players.

This research is a ‘must read’ that will help you make informed business decisions and will provide you with the necessary knowledge to determine whether auto-trading suits your needs. For further information and to purchase the research, please contact Forex Magnates’ Head of Research and Projects, Shay Mendelson:

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