What Mobile Marketing Can Offer to Forex Brokers

One of the core advantages that mobile has over traditional forms of advertising is that it is so much closer

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This article is written by Kseniya Ryazantseva who is responsible for International Business Development in performance marketing agency DataLead. Kseniya Ryazantseva - Copy

It’s not news that the whole world is going mobile. Every month more and more people switch from desktop to smartphones to browse the internet. A third of British internet users prefer to go online through their phones.

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In China, smartphones have already overtaken laptops for internet usage. This fact, and the enormous amount of data accumulated from these devices, brings a revolution to the marketing sphere. Digital advertising is more personal than ever.

Three years ago, mobile advertising was mostly only popular among game publishers. E-commerce players realized mobile’s importance and started exploring this field the year before. One of the core advantages that mobile has over traditional forms of advertising is that it is so much closer to the final client.

Today in the age of technology it’s normal to carry your phone around with you everywhere you go. In this case, an advertiser can contact his target audience whenever and wherever they are.

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But it’s not only one thing that drives mobile ad growth. You can engage users through mobile even if we are talking about the forex trading sphere. According to our experience, mobile users are more engaged than desktop users by 23%. I think we can find a reason in the influence of native (in-feed) ads on a user’s mind. Native ads don’t disturb the user’s experience and look more like a recommendation from your friends shown in the news feed.

There is another format of mobile advertising such as in-app ads, which are becoming a major revenue source because of their effectiveness. In-app advertising, if it’s done right, blends in with in-app events because of its relevant information and does not disturb overall user experience. It allows publishers to not only deeply engage their users, but also monetize their product through placing advertising within their aps.

For example, FX trading can be promoted through gambling, banking or insurance apps, which allows publishers to extend their target audience.

An additional advantage is that mobile trading provides a more convenient user experience than with a desktop, because it doesn’t disturb you from doing everyday things such as watching TV, chatting or even eating. If we compare CPC pricing, mobile wins again, because it is usually 20% lower than desktop.

The mobile market is an absolutely fascinating new field to explore for all kinds of business, and that’s why you should start investing in it.


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