London Summit 2015

Watch: Integral Trading, PoP and Liquidity in the Post-SNB Era

"We need to revalue the value chain of what we buy, what we pay for, and to better understand where

Over the next week we will be presenting a series  of videos of the speeches and discussions featured at the London Summit 2015. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the summit, or did attend but missed out on a particular session, this is your chance to catch up.

This workshop was given by Marco Baggioli, the COO of ADS Securities in London. ADS Securities provides sophisticated Forex and CFD trading solutions to institutional and private investors, and is the largest brokerage by volume in the Middle East.

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Marco Baggioli himself has over 23 years experience at the executive level of the trading industry, including a stint as Head of FX Prime Brokerage Sales for Europe and Asia-Pacific at Deutsche Bank, and he shared his expertise in this interesting workshop.

“Appetite in general for extending credit lines to anybody has been waning.”

Before the Swiss National Bank crisis credit and trading were relatively cheap and liquidity was easy to access. However,

“The SNB crisis generated new costs, new risks, and new problems with access.”

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Marco Baggioli offers interesting insights as to why traditional liquidity providers are leaving the market:

“Lots of the big market makers are seeing that more and more of the business they do on the floor side is unprofitable and they tend more and more to weed out clients that don’t generate value..”

Baggioli argues that well capitalised brokerages now have an important role to play as FX intermediaries. With credit lines drying up and the cost of trading increasing dramatically, new options such as principal trading and prime-of-prime are the ways in which the industry has responded to this crisis.


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