Trading Platform Meets APP Store: Tradable Launches

Tradable has announced that it has launched its new trading platform today. As written about in August, the new platform

Tradable has announced that it has launched its new trading platform today. As written about in August, the new platform uses the APP store methodology, by creating a basic trading system that users can enhance by downloading trading apps onto their system and customizing it to fit their needs.

In explaining what led to the creation of the platform, Tradable CEO Jannick Malling told Forex Magnates in an interview for our Q3 Forex Report, that during his time working with CFH Markets, the broker was approached by many third party technology providers that had created innovative products. Malling explained that “many innovative products are increasingly coming from the startups rather than the bigger, established players. Small tech firms that can execute more rapidly, and adapt quickly to the market in order to find their niche. However, a lot of these companies have a hard time scaling their business.”

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As a large MT4 White Label provider, CFH Markets tried to create its own system that could incorporate all of these new technologies within the existing trading framework. What they found though, was that they ran into the same integration problems the smaller players were experiencing. To provide a solution, they decided to create an entirely new trading platform that was built from the ground up with its DNA being to easily accommodate third party technology. As a result, CFH Group funded the creation of a separate company, Tradable. The end result is the iPhone of trading platforms.

Tradable launches with six FSA participating brokers offering the product and 31 apps.

Tradable App Store


• Tradable announces beta launch of its platform which enables traders to add third party developed apps to fully define the trading experience

A new online trading platform has been launched that is set to revolutionise the world of trading.

Tradable, the world’s first open trading platform, will allow traders to create a completely bespoke, online platform so they can work in a way that best suits them.

The Copenhagen-based firm has introduced its integrated App Store concept where traders can download from an extensive catalogue of globally crowd-sourced apps developed by financially savvy third-party developers. Many apps have already been created for the platform and these include automated trading tools, algorithmic trading strategies, social trading apps, charting tools, market news and data apps among others. Further app development is ongoing.

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Among the first companies to have developed apps for the platform are several major financial and tech organisations, alongside a number of smaller financial technology firms and fin-tech startups. Additional apps will be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.

Danish entrepreneur Jannick Malling is the CEO and co-founder of tradable. He said: “The retail trading market has become much more diversified in recent years and today you don’t just have one type of retail trader. The tools and strategies that investors use to engage the markets are different: some use automated algorithmic strategies, other prefer social trading networks, some perform their own technical analysis while other rely on signaling services and more ’old school‘ click trading.

“We have developed the industry’s first App Store that caters for all types of traders and is a one-stop-shop for the very best trading tools in the market. The platform will constantly evolve as new tools are built by our developer community, ensuring that the changing needs of traders will continue to be met.”

After 18 months of development and a private launch for beta developers in March, the platform has its first six FSA regulated brokers officially onboard.

Christian Frahm, executive chairman and founder of tradable, said: “There is definitely a gap in the market for a platform like tradable, which will connect traders, brokers and developers by making the marketplace for trading tools and apps more transparent and efficient.

“The online world is becoming a much more open, social and collaborative place. Even though the online trading industry has traditionally been a late adopter of trends on the web, this has become true for this industry as well.”

Tradable was founded by a team of senior experts with proven track record within the industry, including Christian Frahm, Chairman, Michael Babushkin, Board Member, Artem Kozyrev, CTO, Cristi “Birt” Dumitrescu, CAO and Jannick Malling, CEO.

The company now employs over 35 people in offices in Copenhagen, London, New York and St. Petersburg including financial engineers from DevExperts, who developed best of breed trading platforms such as TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim, renowned algorithmic trading experts behind, some of the most creative talent in the New York tech scene and the team behind the CFH Group – the leading white label provider to brokers in more than 85 countries.”

Tradable is selectively accepting applications for additional app developers. Traders who wish to demo a beta version of the platform should contact their tradable registered broker directly.

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