The Age of a QIR: Forex Magnates Relaunches its Quarterly Report

A brand new concept, a stunning new design and (much) more data and useful articles: Forex Magnates is proud to

QIR3_LogoAfter a considerable amount of time and effort, Forex Magnates is proud to present its totally re-branded, re-conceptualized and redesigned Quarterly Industry Report, which will from now on bear the trade name QIR (followed by a number indicating the relevant quarter, QIR3 in the first edition’s case). This post is meant to inform our readers about what’s behind this huge change and ask them for their feedback.

For those who have already subscribed to our report, it won’t be difficult to notice from the first instance that the QIR hardly resembles what they have been used to reading before. Indeed, the report they’ll be reading on the new digital interface we’ve launched – or hold in their hands in a printed format – has been completely altered, both on the content and the design levels. For the new readers, we guarantee a useful, accessible and enjoyable means to be exposed to the most up-to-date and comprehensive research currently available about the global FX industry.

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Here are some of the most important changes and features:

  1. QIR3_screen shot_03Section order: Our new QIR is now divided into 5 clear sections: (1) Market Review, comprised solely of sets of data with volumes, platform usage, accounts etc. of the world’s largest retail and institutional brokers, along with enlightening explanations about the market trends in the discussed quarter ; (2) Articles, made up of in-depth articles about the latest trends and developments in the industry, along with useful geographical researches to let you know if it’s worth entering a specific region and how to do it; (3) Companies, containing useful information about some of the world’s largest brokers by volumes (Western and Japanese); (4) News, letting you know what the quarter’s five most interesting news stories in each month are, along with several other headlines, so you’re always up-to-date; (5) Services, a useful list of up-to-date and relevant service providers in the Forex industry, in order to save you precious Google time when searching for your next provider. All sections are marked at the top of each page, so it’s much easier to navigate the entire document.
  2. Data: Our new QIR now puts the data in the center. That means a LOT more graphic display of information to save you precious time, all numbered and indexed at the end of the report, for you to have the valuable information at your disposal when you need it.
  3. New reading experience: Using our new digital interface, you can now choose how to read our report. If you download it to your computer you can read it as a regular PDF, just like you have until now. But now you can also choose to read it on our reader, and enjoy a more intuitive and convenient way to go through everything that interests you. Simply page through the pages, and once your eyes catch something that seems of interest, double-click it to zoom into the spot that interests you. Finished reading? Double-click again and you’ll be on your way.

There are many more changes that loyal and new readers are bound to discover, and our team would be very happy to hear your feedback on them – be it specific or general about the report as a whole.

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