Russian TV Alleges MMCIS Founders Financed Ukrainian Politicians

After the debacle of the Ukrainian brokerage MMCIS, we are seeing yet another turn, as a Russian TV station reports

mmcis logoBy now, notoriously famous Ukrainian forex broker MMCIS has already filed for bankruptcy. However, the heat around it is still raging. Only this week the Russian media decided to poke holes in the faith of MMCIS investors tricked by their broker.

A new piece in the puzzle has lead to the further waning of investors’ hopes over the prospects of getting at least some of their deposits back. Their hopes have been dashed by a report on Russian TV station Saint-Petersburg Channel 5.

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The “Crime Scene”

In a five-minutes long segment of the broadcaster’s show “Crime Scene,” the television alleged a connection between certain so-called “opposition” Ukrainian political parties with the company’s alleged founders, owners or CEOs.

The report alleges that a large part of the client funds the broker received have been dedicated to financing a Ukrainian radical movement and the counter-terrorism operation in the eastern part of the country.

The Ukrainian politician ran for president earlier this year and his radical party got more than seven percent of the vote in parliamentary elections. According to the TV report, the face of MMCIS, Konstantin Kondakov, aspired to become a member of parliament and the funds of the “cheated customers” were channelled to grow his political influence.

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Citing certain “experts,” the show’s anchors proceeded to claim that part of the funds could have been used to finance the campaign of none other than current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, along with certain military operations against “rebels” in Eastern Ukraine.

A reporter also visited the company’s office in Moscow and interviewed witnesses about what was claimed to be a very rapid operation, the vacating of office space in a couple of hours on a given morning.

$100 Million Missing and the Faces of MMCIS

Several publicly recognizable persons have been faces of MMCIS in the firm’s TV commercials, including Alexander Buynov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Anfisa Chehova, Boris Burda and Barbara Brylska, all of whom recommended clients to trust the notoriously famous Konstantin Kondakov who was allegedly trading with the company’s funds.

The segment concludes that Russian investors lost to the tune of $100 million with MMCIS, without citing any sources for this claim. The report doesn’t cite any sources for its claims, nor presents the alleged experts who made the “in depth” analysis leading to the allegations, which are in fact presented as facts, rather than claims.

We are posting a link for this segment to enable our Russian speaking readers to draw their own conclusions. However, without any sources or proof to these claims, the Russian TV segment looks more like a sloppy attempt of investigative journalism coupled with even sloppier anti-Ukraine propaganda efforts than anything else.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kondakov stated last week that he was not the founder nor has he ever been a manager of MMCIS, and he conveyed his thoughts about the bankrupt brokerage through his profile in the Russian social media network VKontakte.

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