ConvergEX partners with Real Tick

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, announced that RealTick®, its global, cross-asset class, multi-broker, multi-prime execution management system, has continued

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, announced that RealTick®, its global, cross-asset class, multi-broker, multi-prime execution management system, has continued to build out its award-winning platform with the release of RealTick 11. 

“With RealTick 11, we are rolling out our most advanced technology. This launch gives our customers numerous new features to enhance trading functionality and provide deep transaction cost analytics (TCA). It offers greatly expanded connectivity to global markets as well as upgrades to RealTick Mobile,” said Stuart Breslow, chief executive officer of ConvergEx’s RealTick. “More than ever before, it allows our customers to fully concentrate on their core trading activities by using intuitive technology that anticipates their strategies and styles.”

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RealTick 11 comes with RealTick’s new cross-asset class Strategy Server and Rules-based Order Routing Engine. The Strategy Server puts traders in control of executing spread and pair orders. It gives them the power to set active and leaning leg settings to manually or automatically manage leg risk across markets, brokers and broker algorithms. The Rules-based Order Routing Engine lets customers define any combination of order fields and parameters to intelligently and automatically route orders to any combination venues, exchanges and/or routes. RealTick 11 also has upgraded its global derivative platform by streamlining its options interface and improving performance. In addition, RealTick has expanded futures trading connectivity and broadened the universe of futures and future options contracts available for trading.

In enhancing its suite of analytic capabilities, RealTick Trading Analytics, RealTick 11 is now providing customers with pre-trade, post-trade and intra-trade analytic solutions. These TCA tools deliver the transparency needed to understand and manage trading costs and ensure best execution throughout the entire trading life cycle – from investment idea to execution.

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RealTick 11 is also continuing with its previously announced global expansion and has added Canadian market data from Alpha, Chi-X, Omega, Pure and TMX Select. RealTick 11 will also roll out TSX direct market access and smart order routing and is expanding the Level 2 display for Canadian markets. Depth of book data is also being added for Brazilian BM&F and Johannesburg equity and futures markets.

Further, as customers are becoming more reliant on their iPads® and smart phones, they are looking for more functionality from mobile trading applications. With RealTick 11, customers can now remotely track positions, monitor and cancel orders, and follow market activity and news from any iPad, iPhone® or smart phone.

“RealTick continues to deliver hedge funds, institutions and brokers the most comprehensive global trading platform available,” said Dan Rooney, president of ConvergEx’s RealTick. “With the launch of RealTick 11, we are reinforcing our commitment to building one, fully integrated global platform that allows customers to trade across all asset classes.”

RealTick is the leading provider of comprehensive, global, cross-asset class, multi-broker, multi-prime trading, risk and data solutions. RealTick was rated the 2011 Best Provider of Execution Management Systems (EMS) by Waters Technology and received Buy-Side Technology’s 2011 Best EMS Award.

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