Reactivating your Leads with Facebook

Brokers have increasingly turned to Facebook's Custom Audience targeting for marketing needs.

If you are anything like the average broker, you probably have a large amount of leads in an unwieldy Excel sheet or CRM system. Thousands of aspiring customers you have generated in the past, called once or twice and sent the occasional email to. And while many brokers employ retargeting to reactivate website visitors that haven’t converted, not a lot use advertising to get back in front of their lead database.

With Facebook Custom Audience targeting, Brokers can upload an email/phone number database directly in Facebook and target these users with advertising there or on Instagram. The advantage over regular retargeting is that you will have a larger database since it goes back to the beginning of time, and a more durable identifier in the email or phone number. Of course this only works if those people use the same email address or phone number on Facebook, but you should be able to match a good percentage of them.

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Custom Audience on Facebook

What’s more, you probably have more information on these users then just the email or phone number. Segmenting your database, you will be able to show an equity ad to users that traded equities on your demo platform, FX to users that traded FX or show a pink ad to every woman in your database (just kidding, don’t do this). In fact, it is very important to segment, just uploading a database of 100K people and showing them all the same ad is not going to be a very fruitful approach.

Besides finding leads you already know, Facebook has some smart algorithms that find users that are similar to yours. If you turn on the ‘lookalike’ targeting, it will automatically find people with demographic similarities such as age, gender and location as well as interests. Since we are in a niche market, you might be better off using Facebooks’ targeting options to set up a campaign for prospecting instead of using lookalike, but depending on your database, it can be worth a test.

Bonus tip: If you want to get advanced, Facebook also has an API which you can connect your CRM system (or sheet!) to. This way every new lead or updated contact detail automatically goes over to Facebook for inclusion in your ad campaign, allowing you to do some creative stuff, automatically. When is the last time a company thanked you on Facebook for signing up recently? Things that make you stand out in a competitive field can be worth investing in!

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