My MT4 Shines! And Yours?

Everyone knows, who the number one player in terms of FX platforms is.

Everyone knows, who the number one player in terms of FX platforms is. The tremendous success of MT4 and MT5 is no news in the world of Forex, with the vast majority of brokers offering the exact same trading platform to their international and diverse clientele. Quite logically, it makes one think of the ways to stay competitive in such conditions – is anything else out there to improve the performance of a broker?

The response is – definitely. So here is a brief summary of the essential brokers’ MT4/5 plugin and add-on tool kit, to provide an insight in what has been proven to work and will make one stand out from the crowd.

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Think improving liquidity? Think aggregator. An aggregator will not only improve the execution of each order, but also cut the rollover costs and minimize the margin. For instance, the Soft-FX aggregator combines liquidity from external suppliers with the pending orders of the brokers’ clients, therefore, forms a market depth, which significantly improves the spread offering. In order to improve the quality of quotes, the Soft-FX aggregator filters out market prices from external suppliers and minimizes the average execution price by splitting a big order into several smaller ones. Orders are processed within milliseconds, therefore, decreasing the probability of slippage significantly.

With the growing interest in Forex managed accounts all around the world, adding value to your MT4 or MT5 by providing a quality service for Money Managers and their investors, is definitely a good idea.

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A solution, namely Soft-FX PAMM SaaS, can be integrated with any trading servers via API. Due to the simplicity of the system, integration of PAMM SaaS requires no significant investments, since it is compatible with MT4 and contains an implemented web interface, which is customizable for each broker. This system is preferred by Money Managers for the flexibility it offers: the trader sets the amount of commission and trading period by himself, rollover time can be set at any hour, trading reporting is available according to the Managers’ professional needs and much more options to make the Manager feel independent and in charge of his managed account. Investors, however, are in favor of the PAMM due to the transparency of the Managers’ performance indicators – any Investor can choose a managed account based on the TOP list of managers publicly available online.

Number 3 tool that will help you stand out in the competitive and fast moving FX industry, is the One Click Trading Tool with built-in market depth (OCTL). This is a beloved tool for many traders, since it saves a lot of time on regular procedures, which can be annoying and time consuming. The plugin allows to place orders with one click and improves the orders execution accuracy and an option to preset orders’ conditions. A chart gives the trader a clear visualization of the current spreads and market depth. It saves time users’ experience significantly.

In addition to offering transparent and time saving trading experience to your clients, the plugin would also help with risk management, since it allows fixing potential profit/loss levels in percentage or pips. OCTL also helps ease clients’ portfolio management, since it is possible to close trades in a bulk mode. Due to Market Depth (Level 2), OCTL will do its magic and easily turn your MT4 into a true ECN platform, with market prices and volumes visible to your clients. The plugin would also give an idea about the possible execution price as soon as the client enters the order amount, due to Volume-weighed average price (VWAP). A convenient extra that adds value to this plugin is the internal execution option, which allows the broker to execute orders between clients without any involvement of external suppliers.

We all know that MT4 and MT5 are great trading platforms, however, everyone has them already. Nowadays, the Internet has made it too easy for any trader to pick literally any broker in the world to trade with therefore you must polish your platform and make it shine bright! The TOP-3 enhancements we just discussed, might be exactly what you need in order to look attractive in the eyes of that potential client, who is browsing around brokers right now, but has not just made up his mind yet.

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