Mobile and Autotrading: When Great Forces Combine

Autotrading broke down the temporal barrier by enabling users to connect their accounts.

Forex has always been a 24 hour game and traders should always be alert in order to trade successfully and avoid damages or lost opportunities that could take place anytime. Autotrading broke down the temporal barrier by enabling users to connect their accounts with the performance of other users that trade Forex around the clock. The location barrier though insisted, as users had to have access to a PC in order to manage their accounts. The advent of the mobile has broken down this barrier too and the combination of mobile and autotrading seems formidable.

The minimal functionality available on mobile seems to fit perfectly to autotrading and less to traditional, manual trading. Whereas traditional traders need to handle numerous information sources, which usually translates into multiple screens and perhaps more than one terminals in order to make an educated investing decision, autotrading users need much less; through push notifications mobile autotrading apps inform the users, in a manner very familiar and similar to normal smartphone use, everytime a change has taken place in their accounts. They can then take the necessary actions they see fit through the available account management tools, or rest assured and fully updated on what is going on in their accounts.

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I believe mobile to be perhaps the most important recent development in the Forex industry and whose implications will be so deep that we currently seem to have just scratched the surface of the changes always connected users will bring to the industry. I, for one, am excited on the potential of the combination of autotrading and mobile.

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