What Needs to Happen in Crypto to Entice More Institutional Investors?

Do institutional investors hold the key to crypto’s successful future?

The cryptocurrency sector has changed dramatically over the past two years, leading to widespread growth and interest in the space. This includes an increasing shift towards institutional investors, which have carved out an important niche moving forward.

Given this evolution, many have questioned what can still be done to improve the industry. Join Finance Magnates in a live webinar that will touch on and delve into the metamorphosis undergone by the cryptocurrency sector over the course of 2020-2021.

Hosted by Finance Magnates, the live webinar will include Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director at CEX.io, Graham Rodford, CEO & Co-Founder of Archax, John-Paul Clothier, Vice President Card & Money Movement Europe, FIS and Haydn Jones, Director, Senior Blockchain Market Specialist PwC.

The participants will discuss the position of institutional investors in crypto, lending on their unique expertise and vantage point in the industry.

This also includes whether the presence of institutional investors in the market is even necessary for it to grow further.

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The live webinar will take place on August 19 at 15:00 UK time. Learn more about the upcoming session or join the conversation by accessing the following webinar link.

Eye on the Future

With more and more investors focused on crypto as a mainstream asset, the time is now to assess its future and growth trajectory.

What could make institutional players become more confident about investing in cryptocurrencies? How can these players potentially influence the direction in which the crypto market will develop going forward?

Learn about these questions and more for one of the most thought engaging and important webinars of the summer.

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