Was MtGox Hacked Again?

A group led by someone named “nanashi____” claims to have hacked into MtGox for the purpose of “figuring out what

A group led by someone named “nanashi____” claims to have hacked into MtGox for the purpose of “figuring out what happened”. They have apparently gotten their hands on: a DB dump, an audio of  a conversation between Karpeles and a banker in Japanese, a sample of MtGox code, and even the private phone numbers and addresses of MtGox employees.

Nanashi has said that the group plans on releasing more info- but not the copies of passports they obtained.

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Sample MtGox Code
Sample MtGox code claimed to have been obtained by Nanashi & Co

On reddit, someone commented on the code in unflattering terms, corroborating other reports of primitive programming practices.

“The code is … interesting. Smells organic, not designed. Comments are rare but usually useful. Highly coupled. Static methods everywhere. Violates SOLID principles. Basically, ignores current best practices.

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Clearly not designed for any sort of automated testing, which should be the first damn thing you do when there’s any sort of money involved. Hell, even when there isn’t money involved.

We’d already guessed that last bit, given the previous mentions of them having no testing/staging/QA environment.”

The findings may prove quite useful down the road for a potential lawsuit or if facing prosecution, especially now that the company has deleted all its tweets.

Other stakeholders may find it be prudent to get their hands on as much online material as possible before it gets permanently removed, along with other items going missing at MtGox,

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