SEC to Hold Public Forum on Blockchain at the End of March

The forum is being put on by the regulator's FinHub

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Friday that it is going to hold a public forum on blockchain technology.

Scheduled for the 31 of March, the US regulator’s ‘FinHub is organizing the forum.’

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Launched last year, FinHub is the SEC’s hub for financial technology.

The regulator says that it will be using the hub to make its work on technology more accessible to both financial institutions and tech firms.

Currently, the SEC hosts meetings with companies at two different locations – one in Denver and another in San Francisco.

The financial watchdog’s blockchain forum will be the second such event that it has hosted, though the last was way back in 2016 – light years in the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency.

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Crypto and blockchain

According to a statement released by the SEC, the forum will deal with both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Some time will be spent looking at blockchain technology, what uses it can be toward and how it is changing certain industries.

But, perhaps more excitingly, the group is going to be discussing cryptocurrency trading platforms and digital assets.

The forum will also look at how digital assets are affecting the broader financial markets and what effect they have had on investors.

Regulators have been wrestling with cryptocurrencies in earnest for two or three years now but are yet to determine exactly what they should do with them.

Just this week, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce said that she believed the digital assets market should be self-regulating.

She did, however, insert a caveat into her statement, noting that initial coin offerings should fall within the regulator’s purview as they resemble securities.

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