“Jeffrey” reportedly gains access to Satoshi Nakamoto’s e-mail, offers to reveal secrets for 25 BTC

Wired reports that the personal e-mail account of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is believed to be Bitcoin’s creator, was hacked. Wired

Wired reports that the personal e-mail account of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is believed to be Bitcoin’s creator, was hacked.

Wired corresponded with a “Jeffrey” who said he took over Satoshi’s e-mail address, satoshin@gmx.com. He told them he gained access because “the fool used a primary gmx under his full name and had aliases set up underneath it. He’s also alive.”

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Indeed, one of the many theories circulating today is that Nakamoto is dead, with the fate of his estimated stash of one million bitcoins unknown. Bitcoiners have been keeping an eye on his addresses, but thus far there has been no activity.

In a pastebin post, “A GUEST”, possibly this Jeffrey, writes:

“Releasing the so called “gods” dox if my address hits 25 BTC.

And no, this is not a scam, you can see the below screenshots for proof of inbox ownership and a little teaser.

BTC: 19pta6x1hXzV9F5hHnhMARYbRjuxF6xbbV

Same one posted on p2pfoundation^

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Based on today’s prices, 25 BTC is worth $11,750. In total, the address has received only 1.5 BTC, with most of it withdrawn.

Wired says that the gmx-based e-mail address may have led to other accounts of Nakamoto being hijacked. On the P2P foundation website, Satoshi’s original Bitcoin announcement is responded to from his own account, with the following:

“Dear Satoshi. Your dox, passwords and IP addresses are being sold on the darknet. Apparently you didn’t configure Tor properly and your IP leaked when you used your email account sometime in 2010. You are not safe. You need to get out of where you are as soon as possible before these people harm you. Thank you for inventing Bitcoin.”

The provocative development has spawned numerous theories related to the reported hacking and the nature of Nakamoto. There are three theories as to how the address was reportedly taken over: Either Satoshi’s account expired, or gmx.com was hacked- or just Satoshi’s specific account.

Michael Marquardt, head administrator of the Bitcointalk.org discussion forum, said that Jeffrey sent him an excerpt from an e-mail he sent Nakamoto in March this year. With access to account content, it is unlikely that the account simply expired.

The latest saga also reignites curiosity as to Satoshi’s true identity. In March, Newsweek sparked controversy when it claimed to have identified him as Dorian Nakamoto.

At the extreme, it’s hard to disprove that Jeffrey isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto himself and that he’s been taking his Bitcoin followers for a ride for all these years. Unlikely, but anything’s possible in a virtual world full of virtual identities.

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