EOS Announces First Feature-Complete Pre-Release Version of EOSIO

The new version comes with a raft of new features for testing before the June launch

Block.one has announced the rollout of the first feature-complete pre-release version of EOSIO, Dawn 3.0. The blockchain building app suite is getting released four months after the previous version, EOSIO Dawn 2.0.

The new features are addressing scalability, inter-blockchain communication, transaction compassion and added security features among many other things. The official announcement of EOSIO 3.0 includes a teaser of the potential optimizations that will allow the product to scale. Future implementations will utilize parallel computation to accelerate throughput without hard forking changes.

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One of the major additions is the ultimate tool for scalability, which is inter-blockchain communication. The developer team working on EOSIO is aiming to enable one blockchain to verify the authenticity of an event on another blockchain. The end-goal is for inter-blockchain communication to be as secure as intra-chain communication between smart contracts.

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The release of the third version of the EOSIO pre-release software is focusing on the stability aspect of the core platform. The team is preparing the final system contract which implements all of the staking, voting, and governance mechanics. The goal is to also finalize the token standard as the next version of the public test environment is launched.

“EOSIO Dawn 3.0 is a developer release designed to be “feature complete” with stable APIs. We believe the platform is now stable enough for serious application developers to start building their applications. EOSIO has become far more powerful and easy to develop for than we had conceived a year ago,” the company said in an official announcement.

The team working on EOSIO is continuing to grow as development is occurring at a record pace. The repository of the project has been one of the top 10 most active C++ repositories in all of GitHub for the past month.

Developers behind the project are expressing confidence that a high-quality public release of EOSIO 1.0 will be completed in June.

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