Dash not Coming to iPhone After All? Apple Demands Jaxx Remove it

It took a long time for Apple to allow Bitcoin wallets on the app store and it's not quite ready

Bad news for Dash users who wanted to access their funds on the iPhone – Apple is not willing to let the cryptocurrency formerly known as DarkCoin into its walled garden just yet. The founder of Jaxx, Anthony Di Iorio, has revealed on social media that representatives of the corporation have demanded its removal from the wallet app.

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In August it was revealed that Dash will be added to the list of supported cryptocurrencies by Jaxx which helped propel its trading volumes and achieve an overall total market value of $70 million for the first time ever. As of this moment Dash is down less than four percent in the last twenty four hours and holds a higher market cap of $80 million.

It should not be a surprise that Apple is taking a very cautious approach regarding apps supporting new cryptocurrencies considering the difficult path Bitcoin wallets had to go through to get on iTunes not that long ago. For example in early 2014 it removed Blockchain’s iOS app sparking widespread animosity towards Apple from the bitcoin community, and causing many to migrate to Android devices in protest.

These days Bitcoin users’ main problem with Apple is that it allows dangerous scam wallets on its app store for which it needs the Bitcoin community’s help to fight the phenomenon.

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