Cryptocurrency Broker Voyager Digital Faces Cyberattack

The broker decided to take the system offline following the attack.

The cryptocurrency firm, Voyager Digital became the latest victim of the cyberattacks after its domain name system server got compromised on Monday. The company forcefully took the system offline to secure customers.

According to the official details mentioned by the cryptocurrency broker, no funds or personal information of clients were compromised during the attack. Moreover, Voyager Digital added that it will take around 24 hours to completely restore its services through Voyager app.

The broker apologized to its clients and requested them to have patience during the mentioned period. The company said that it will provide detailed information to the clients after inspection.

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“Voyager would like to thank you for your patience while our system is offline. We detected a threat to our system, and as part of our process and procedures to secure funds and customer information, we promptly shut down the system. We want to reiterate that no funds or personal information were compromised. To ensure the on-going safety of customer funds and information, we anticipate it will take us approximately 24-hours to get the app back online,” the broker mentioned on Twitter.


Hackers are targeting cryptocurrency companies, and 2020 has seen a significant rise in cyberattacks on companies offerings services related to digital assets. Finance Magnates reported yesterday about the hack of DeFi project, Cover Protocol when hackers minted an unlimited supply of the Cover coin. The recent attack on Voyager Digital did not result in financial or privacy loss. CEO and Co-founder of Voyager, Steve Ehrlich outlined the importance of taking the system down during the recent attack.

“Unfortunately, I was faced with a tough choice today. We were alerted by our tracking system, and we decided to take the system offline. Safety and security of customer assets and information are paramount. I appreciate all the support of the community as we work through this,” Ehrlich mentioned in a tweet.

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