Exclusive: BNC Launches Digital Wealth Management Solution BNC Pro

The platform has been launched after 18 months of development.

Brave New Coin (BNC), a cryptocurrency financial data infrastructure business, has revealed exclusively to Finance Magnates this Thursday that after 18 months of development it has now launched its own Digital Wealth Management solution BNC Pro.

The initial release functionality of the solution includes four main sections – The Portfolio Manager, The Screener tool, The NewsFeed and Watchlists & Alerts.

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Breaking this down, The Portfolio Manager includes hundreds of assets and thousands of trading pairs tracking in real-time, alongside more than 20 exchange integrations which track trades automatically, and the ability to generate bespoke reports to better understand holdings and compare to market benchmarks, the company said.

The NewsFeed allows users to view newsworthy events as they occur, with the ability to personalise their feed and filter news according to asset, sentiment and other industry categories.

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The Screener tool includes more than 60 data points to filter through per asset, customised strategies across a range of assets and alternative market data created by Brave New Coin. The watchlists and alerts allow traders to automate alerts and track assets and portfolio movements.

Fran Strajnar, CEO of Brave New Coin, BNC
Fran Strajnar, CEO, Brave New Coin

Commenting on the launch, Fran Strajnar, CEO and Founder of BNC said in a statement seen by Finance Magnates: “We saw a very obvious gap in the market – one BNC was uniquely placed to address. That being that both individual and institutional users alike are flowing into this asset class and they are all having to use 6 to 12 different start-up’s platforms to do basic middle and back office work”. 

BNC: demand remains high amid COVID-19

Although the platform is being launched during a turbulent time for the financial markets, the company pointed out that traders, investors, asset managers and institutional players are still seeking alternative and uncorrelated assets, which Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can provide.

“BNC Pro’s current version is just the beginning. As we receive further customer feedback, we’ll look to roll out advanced charting and chat functionality as well as order-execution and DeFi product integration. We’ve really worked towards a dream of an overhauled Bloomberg type experience specifically built for this asset-class, which we only see growing exponentially moving forward,” added CEO Strajnar.

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