Waves Launches its Own Cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchange

The technology underpins the exchange features ‎full-service token issuance.

UPDATE: Only two hours after the official launch, Waves warned its users on its twitter account “not to enter their seed on the website until further notice.”

Blockchain solutions developer Waves today announced the official launch of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, dubbed “Waves DEX,” after completing a more than seven-month-long trial period and 53 beta versions.

Waves Client is a custom digital token generation and trading platform, which offers the crypto community a comprehensive set of tools to structure, trade and exchange digital assets onto a public or private blockchain.

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Waves said in a press release the reworked Waves DEX boasts a complete overhaul of the user interface, as well as a significant upgrade in technology. Specifically, the technology underpins the exchange features ‎full-service token issuance ‎enabling clients to launch, manage, trade, and maintain assets pre- and post-crowdsales.

As an extension, the new solution provides operators with a streamlined package for issuing digital assets and deploying them both to end users and the trading community at large.

Decentralized exchanges, such as Waves DEX, differ from centralized platform in that users do not need to entrust their cryptocurrency to third parties, and may instead trade them in a peer-to-peer system. While some exchanges are better guarded than others, decentralized systems are more secure and anonymous while having lower or no fees on transactions.

Waves claims to charge less than $0.01 or 0.003 WAVES per order. It also says the platform performed over 30 million transactions and signed around 90,000 users.

Waves solutions ‎also‎ offer customers the ability to host crowdfunding events and list newly-issued assets on its decentralized exchange.  The module includes a suite of tools that are similar to those available at top exchanges, as well as a simple layout and all the functions often required by crypto traders.

Commenting on the launch, Waves founder and CEO Alexander Ivanov said: “We updated the platform with the aim of making token creation and crypto trading accessible for everybody. We want to provide the fastest, lowest-cost, most secure and user-friendly blockchain platform available on the market.”

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