Matchpool’s GUP Token Begins Trading on Bittrex Following $5.73m Crowdsale

Matchpool raised $5.73 million in just over a day to fund its blockchain-based 'Slack Meets Tinder' matchmaking platform.

Matchpool, an incentive-based community platform that allows anyone to open their own dating pool and earn cryptocurrency, has announced that its Guppy token (GUP) began trading at the Bittrex Exchange on Saturday.

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Matchpool recently raised $5.73 million in just over a day to fund its blockchain-based ‘Slack Meets Tinder’ matchmaking platform, which lets individuals create ‘pools’ to facilitate connections among friends and niche communities.

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Yonatan Ben Shimon

“The Guppy token powers participation on the Matchpool platform, and we’re eager to exceed community expectations as we build and deliver on our concepts,” said Yonatan Ben Shimon, CEO of Matchpool. “Trading on Bittrex will keep investors engaged and incentivize new participants to join the matchmaking economy.”

“We have followed Matchpool since its early days, and believe they have a compelling concept,” said Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex. “Adding a unique cryptocurrency project with great community support is a no-brainer for Bittrex.”

Since the conclusion of Matchpool’s crowdsale, the company has hired a new Chief Technology Officer, Or Demri, and is developing the first applications on its platform.

Participation on the Matchpool platform is incentivized by the GUP token, a fundamental part of Matchpool’s decentralized protocol and long-term roadmap. Tokens can be used as a deposit for opening a pool, and each pool creator decides its payment rules. Users inside the pool pay the creator according to their established rules, and creators earn tokens by making matches. Pool creators will receive their deposit tokens back when they close a pool. Token holders can trade or sell their GUP on cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex being the first.

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