DX.Exchange Partners With MPS to Provide First Crypto ETFs

The cryptocurrency exchange says it is the first company to have tokenized ETFs

Cryptocurrency exchange DX.Exchange has launched trading in exchange traded funds (ETFs). According to the firm’s website, these new ‘tokenized’ ETFs are the first of their kind.

“Crypto currencies will continue to evolve, and digital stocks are another step in that process,” said Daniel Skowronski, CEO of DX.Exchange. “By tokenizing real world stocks, we are helping millions of the untradeable to be tradeable.”

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A trader using DX.Exchange will be able to go on to their account and buy ETFs, or fractions of an ETF, with cryptocurrency.

The ETFs can be traded 24/7, have zero commission fees attached to them and can be liquidated at any time.

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Europe now, US later

That is being made possible because of the exchange’s partnership with a company called MPS Marketplace Securities.

According to a statement on the DX.Exchange website, MPS is going to be buying ETFs at a 1:1 ratio with DX’s ETF tokens.

That means traders will, in a roundabout way, actually be accessing the ETF market as opposed to just buying some sort of derivative product.

The new tokens are, for the moment, only available to investors in Europe. But, in January of this year, Skowronski said via Twitter that the service would be available to US traders by the end of 2019.


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