YOONIT: A Centralized Solution for FX Brokers (Part 2) – Modules Explained

Take a deep dive into the five modules that make up the YOONIT system and what makes them unique.

In part 1 of our article, we talked about how brokerage firms can reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and boost profitability with the help of a centralised solution such as YOONIT.

In this part, we will dive deeper into the five modules that make up the YOONIT system, what makes them unique, and why many brokers use them to streamline their day-to-day operations. The five modules include:

  • MAM/PAMM/Copy Trading
  • Bonus Automation
  • Dynamic Margin
  • IB/Affiliate
  • CRM

Since its first launch YOONIT system has been undergoing continuous improvements, starting with a few core modules and expanding with more modules and functionalities over time.

An ongoing dialogue with brokers allows the company to have a clearer understanding of their needs, and to further incorporate clients’ feedback into solutions. So far, over a hundred brokers use PLUGIT’s solutions to manage their clients and improve operations and team efficiency.

MAM/PAMM and Copy trading Module

MAM/PAMM module is an effective solution for brokers looking to diversify their client base. Brokers can scale their businesses and manage over 50.000 MAM and investor accounts without constraints.

While providing Money Managers with a wide range of features, allowing them to manage their investors and create unlimited trading strategies through the eight different allocation methods, suiting varied client risk profiles.

All portal configurations and operations are done within the YOONIT portal rather than through the MetaTrader Admin or Manager. Something especially beneficial to While Label brokers, serving as an incredibly resource-friendly solution, providing faster execution and greater control of the trades.

The MAM/PAMM module comes with an additional copy trading functionality to help brokers generate new income streams.

Professional traders can become Signal providers and gain extra profits on commissions, while the less experienced ones get an easy market access and improve their trading success rates.

Dynamic Margin Module

With the increasing trading volumes comes high volatility, which in turn increases the challenges that brokers are facing when dealing with risks manually.

Dynamic Margin solution was developed for brokers that are looking to manage their leverage and exposure using dynamic tiered leverage based on margin levels, and have their risks monitored and controlled around the clock, being adjusted automatically.

It frees the risk management team from gruelling manual work, reduces human error and improves accuracy and efficiency in time-critical moments.

Incorporating YOONIT’s powerful Dynamic Margin module into a brokerage’s technology stack is highly advantageous, as it will largely reduce broker’s risk exposure, while enabling them to keep attractive trading conditions for their traders in times of extreme volatility.

IB/Affiliate Module

One of the most cost-effective and fastest ways of growing a brokerage is with a strong IB and affiliate network. This is especially true when looking to expand into a new market, whereas brokers can work with IBs instead of opening a local office and establishing a new team.

YOONIT’s IB/Affiliate solution can fulfil unique requirements of different markets, allowing brokers to create, manage, and analyse their IB networks worldwide.

Managing partnership programs and pay-outs is both challenging and resource intensive tasks.

The IB/Affiliate module can fully automate and handle the entire process – letting brokers manage and grow their IB partnerships with ease.

The module comes with a dedicated IB portal (Partner’s area) having everything an IB needs to bring new clients on board and manage their accounts, with signup links and marketing banners, advanced detailed reporting, lead tracking, customizable registration forms, and more.


Bonus Automation Module

The competition in the forex industry is fierce, with a constant battle of creating the best offer to attracts new clients and incite them to trade. An expensive undertaking with many potential pitfalls along the way, especially when using outdated technology.

YOONIT’s Bonus Automation module is a smart and flexible tool for brokers looking to streamline their marketing efforts.

It enables brokers to have multiple promotional campaigns run automatically in parallel, eliminating the restrictions of manual work, while safeguarding them from bonus abuse.

Bonuses are automatically allocated based on the pre-defined criteria, while the built-in bonus abuse protection mechanism mitigates the risk of malicious behaviour – giving brokerages an efficient, safe, and accurate bonus management experience.

Creating effective customer targeting strategies that encourage existing and new clients to register, make deposits, trade, and promote your brokerage is simple with YOONIT.

CRM Module

CRM is an essential module of YOONIT and the key to efficient brokerage operation, equipping brokers with a functional back office and Admin’s portal for a smooth cross-department collaboration and management of a clients’ whole life cycle within a single branded interface, and a user-friendly Client area for traders to manage their own accounts and operations.

CRM module provides a clear and complete overview of all business operations and activity, enabling brokers to handle complex tasks, including KYC procedures with customizable templates, on-boarding, account management, retention, and more.

Additionally, the instant system notifications allow brokers and their team members to take quick actions, removing operational bottlenecks.

The system is integrated with a variety of popular global payment gateways, support account funding and transactions in different currencies and cryptocurrencies and can be integrated with any 3rd party software – allowing brokers to cater to a global audience.

Easy set up and fast market access

YOONIT caters to brokers of all sizes in need of a reliable technology partner to provide them with a user-friendly and scalable solution. YOONIT can be customized suiting brokers’ individual preferences and fully operational within no time, providing end-to-end security, built-in privacy features and 24/7 software availability.

To ensure that you and your clients are never left waiting, a support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues that might arise.

PLUGIT is continuously polishing and expanding its range of products, developing new tools and solutions that further improve the operational efficiency of brokers worldwide.

The Forex industry is incredibly time-sensitive, and the success of a brokerage depends on low latency, high security, instant execution, and timely response to risk of its chosen supporting technology.

If you’re after a powerful and feature-rich solution that caters to the different departments of your brokerage, get in touch with PLUGIT to explore your options or request a demonstration of YOONIT today.

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