X Open Hub Strengthens its Liquidity Offering

The new efforts from X Open Hub constitute a global push to cater to its growing institutional clientele.

Global liquidity provider, regulated by: FCA, KNF, CySEC, and IFSC, X Open Hub has introduced a new wave of measures aimed at improving its already robust offering. This includes new and lower spreads on popular instruments as well further improvements across both Asian and European markets.

Over the past year, X Open Hub’s offering has grown to include new MT5/MT4 Bridges, integration measures, FIX, and more recently a state-of-the-art trading platform release. The group’s technology solutions offering have spanned multiple markets, having expanded globally in recent months.

X Open Hub has also introduced new, lower spreads on the most popular instruments (DAX, Gold, OIL, EUR/USD, etc.) These instruments have surged in demand and been a strong impetus for X Open Hub.

Michael Copiuk, X Open Hub
Michael Copiuk, CEO, X Open Hub

Indeed, “During the last few years, X Open Hub has aligned with the introduction of best execution policy – MiFID II – establishing new connections to the top prime of prime on the market,” noted Michael Copiuk, X Open Hub.

Growing regional cooperation

X Open Hub has always served a global clientele. The solutions provider now cooperates successfully with a wide range of Cypriot brokerages. In particular, the group has seen a significant increase in the number of companies from Cyprus.

This effort has fostered an established cooperation, as well as marked increase in the volume of transactions. Of note, as an EU regulated company, X Open Hub has helped many of these brokers to adhere to the new CySEC’s requirements.

This includes Negative Balance Protection, transaction limits and advanced reporting measures. X Open Hub’s back-office system is fully equipped with complex reporting features servicing MIFIR and EMIR reporting requirements. What is more, the full instrument documentation (PRIIPs/KIDs) is available for all X Open Hub clients.

X Open Hub embarks on long-term agenda

In addition to the EU, X Open Hub also regulated by the FCA, making it perfectly prepared for any looming Brexit shakeup. X Open Hub’s recent efforts have extended beyond Europe however in an effort to cater to its institutional clientele.

According to Michael Copiuk “We are consequently upgrading our servers in terms of software and hardware in Frankfurt and Hong Kong in order to improve the execution times, capacity and the accuracy of quotes. We also putting strong effort on APIs development, so we can stream our liquidity to almost any FIX protocol compliant bridge or trading platform on the market.

We are about to introduce to our FIX 4.4 protocol Stop and Limit Orders. This update was a strictly client driven development, proving that X Open Hub is open to any suggestions of our business partners.”

X Open Hub’s collective focus on Asian and European markets is part of a cohesive long-term strategy. This is reflective in its introduction of further improvements, reporting measures, and new Negative Balance Protection.

Furthermore, X Open Hub has also developed new partnerships with banks and brokers such as Technobank. These partnerships confirm the stable and well-established position of X Open Hub on the international market as it looks to chart a course forward in 2019 and beyond.

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