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Shoring up communication is key to sales campaigns with DID Logic providing direct network access globally

The idea of companies experiencing VoIP problems is certainly nothing new, especially in 2018. Every company has at some point experienced a situation of lengthy wait times, banned calls, etc. However, what answers exist to help streamline and ultimately facilitate sales?

This is where DID Logic comes in, an SIP Trunk and DID Provider with over twelve PoPs worldwide. Currently there is a huge demand for direct and low latency access to regional voice carriers. Unfortunately for many venues, this sort of access looms as a pain point for many operations and is one of the biggest issues facing companies.

The industry is filled with examples of sales horror stories, i.e. calls stopped connecting to international lines sporadically, leads picking up wrong number because of CLI issues, and VoIP down times.

The need to shore up communication is paramount to sales campaigns with DID Logic providing direct network access across several countries. This includes Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Singapore, and multiple African nations.

What can DID Logic do for you?

DID Logic’s robust solutions suite includes dialers, paperless DID routing, call forwarding, and migration to DID Logic. With a DID Logic account you’ll be able to put our infrastructure to the test today by instantly creating SIP usernames and adding trunks to in your PBX.

DID Logic is also extremely proficient in the foreign exchange (FX) space, hence their emphasis on telecom services and a network benefits. With its SIP Trunking, more accounts are opened on the first agent call back – this is essential to brokers’ sales operations as competition has heated up around the industry, namely in Europe.

In addition, DID Logic is able to effectively and seamlessly route calls to local SIP gateways and increase ASR dramatically. The company offers local RTP audio transport from underlying Tier1 telcos closest to a wide range of locations worldwide.

Most importantly, its comprehensive service suite is backed by PoPs worldwide, with its customers enjoying 1-5 ms local latency. This compares with 300-400 ms when using carriers without local presence. For many companies, this disparity is the difference between success and failure.

Whether you’re building a massive IP-based voice-switching facility for your local government or looking to switch a few remote office locations, DID Logic’s qualified team is ready to assist. For venues encumbered by VoIP issues, the choice is simple – contact DID Logic today.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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