TopFX Offers an All-in-One Solution to Start a Forex Broker

Today, the All-in-One-Broker Solution also contains services that brokers can offer to their traders to enhance retention.

TopFX is a Prime Brokerage which focuses on providing customisable liquidity solutions to a diverse institutional clientele.

Bringing in their nine years of industry expertise, they have recently devised an all-inclusive solution for entrepreneurs looking to start a CFD brokerage.

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At the early stages of its inception, the “All-in-One Broker Solution” consisted of TopFX’s multi-asset liquidity and the cTrader platform suite.

During the past six months, TopFX has gradually added many other components, such as payment providers, a Cashier service, and an e-bank account.

Today, the All-in-One-Broker Solution also contains services that brokers can offer to their traders to enhance retention, such as signals from Autochartist and automated trading tools from ClickAlgo.

TopFX’s latest partnership with Tradefora addresses the challenge of RTS 27/28 reporting, which is required for brokers under the MiFID II framework.

Alex Katsaros, CEO of TopFX

Alex Katsaros, CEO of TopFX, mentions “TopFX has been providing premium liquidity services for more than nine years. Guided by our experience in the industry and our clients’ most common problems, we aimed at creating a one-stop solution for brokers, which will save them cost, time and effort. From the time we launched the solution until today, our focus was on establishing valuable partnerships with high-profile service providers and negotiating exclusive terms for our clients. We are very happy with what we achieved, and the industry has received the solution exceptionally well too”.

As mentioned above, the basic structure of the All-in-One Broker Solution consists of TopFX’s Tier-1 liquidity and the full cTrader suite.

TopFX provides clients with aggregated, Tier-1 liquidity for Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices and other CFDs. Orders are managed via Smart Routing Technology, an automated process that allows accessing multiple trading venues simultaneously in search of the best price available.

Akis Katsaros, General Manager of TopFX

Akis Katsaros, General Manager of TopFX, states “Having established long-term relationships with Tier-1 institutions, we offer our clients truly reliable liquidity. Besides best pricing, we have a low-latency, stable price stream that ensures high-quality execution. The All-in-One Broker Solution combines the TopFX liquidity with the cTrader suite without middleware, making an ideal option for startups and established brokers alike. Brokers receive high-performing liquidity combined with a high-performing trading platform. That’s why they get a competitive edge from day one.”

The new cTrader is an innovative platform that is built to encourage active trading. It features sophisticated market analysis tools, various chart types and timeframes, linked charts for those who do multi-timeframe analysis and trading via drag & drop.

cTrader also features a new Copy interface, where copiers can follow leading traders and strategy providers can share their trading strategy for a fee. cTrader Automate is perfect for algo traders who can choose from a variety of cBots.

What’s most convenient is that traders can perform all three types of trading on one interface.

In addition to the above, the clients of the All-in-One Broker Solution get the cTrader mobile app for Android and iOS, the administration panel (cBroker) and a hosting solution (cServer).

Ilan Azbel, CEO of Autochartist

TopFX has also secured exclusive terms for the clients of the All-in-One Solution who wish to add Autochartist, a leading pattern recognition software, which is now fully integrated with cTrader. Traders can follow a signal with the touch of a single BUY or SELL button.

Brokers have one more tool in their arsenal that can encourage client retention. Ilan Azbel, CEO of Autochartist, mentioned: “This new partnership with TopFX is exactly in line with Autochartist’s vision of providing content throughout a trader’s life cycle; from acquisition through to retention – a holistic offering for the broker. This allows brokers to leverage content to move clients through the trading funnel instead of only concentrating on increased trading activity.”

Besides signal provision, TopFX has also thought of algo traders and has secured a partnership deal with ClickAlgo, a software provider that allows traders to convert their MT4 Expert Advisors to cBots. Paul Hayes, Head of Sales at ClickAlgo stated:

Paul Hayes, Head of Sales at ClickAlgo

 “We are pleased to partner with TopFX and offer our services to the clients of the All-in-One Broker Solution with exclusive terms. ClickAlgo is a leading Software Vendor for the cTrader trading platform, helping clients build automated trading systems including Expert Advisor (EA) to cBot conversions. By incorporating ClickAlgo in their product offering, brokers can retain their clients longer, especially those who prefer automated trading.”

Tradefora was the latest addition to the pool of the All-in-One Broker Solution partnerships.  Akis Katsaros notes that “our mission of covering every aspect of our clients’-brokers’ needs, reaches a point of maturity with Tradefora. Our initial focus was to help clients create a solid brokerage infrastructure where all the various elements are seamlessly integrated. Later, we thought about marketing and tools that will help brokers retain their clients longer. Our partnership with Tradefora addresses the regulatory requirement for RTS 27/28 reports, ensuring best execution and improved broker performance.”

Pavel Khizhnyak, CEO of Tradefora

Pavel Khizhnyak, the founder of Tradefora, also states that “More trading transparency and best execution compliance are becoming increasingly important for all the financial institutions operating inside the MiFID II umbrella. We are very excited about our new partnership with TopFX as it provides their broker-clients with a one-stop solution for RTS 27/28 Best Execution Reporting automation and other value-added services. With one centralized point of connectivity, we will be able to offer seamless integration and maximally efficient deployment.”

It’s evident that the TopFX All-in-One Broker Solution covers every aspect of a CFD brokerage’s operational needs and provides all the required integrations. As Akis Katsaros notes “We believe that the All-in-One Solution contains everything a new broker needs to launch a CFD brokerage without hassle. But the solution is not just for startups. Established brokers can opt for the core components of the solution only.  For example, some of our clients choose liquidity and the full cTrader suite without adding the rest of the services offered”.

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