Staying Ahead of the Pack: Mitrade’s CEO Outlines 2019 Strategy

Mitrade’s CEO Laura Lin speaks on Mitrade’s unique elements and offering.

Since beginning its operations eight years ago, Mitrade Global Pty Ltd has aimed to simplify CFDs trading for clients. Since then, the group’s services and web trading suite has grown, adding FX, commodities, indices and cryptos.

Last month, Mitrade launched a new trading app for its growing client base. Its newest iteration, the version 1.1 Trading App was a huge boost for clients, supporting an upgraded analytic function, faster execution, and a new rebate program.

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Amidst a highly active 2019 campaign and restructuring, Finance Magnates spoke with Mitrade’s Laura Lin to get an in-depth perspective on the company’s H2 agenda.

What are the most key attributes to consider and offer as a CFDs provider that clients find the most essential?

First and foremost, clients have a wide range of needs that must be satisfied. Clients find most important access to proper risk management tools. Negative balance protection is also essential.

Additionally, Mitrade offers a one-stop Management account, from a demo to live account, and from deposit to trading to withdrawal. We feel this flexibility really resonates with our client base.

Finally, Mitrade supports a platform that is not available to other FX and CFD brokers. We have an extensive marketing plan to promote the use of our trading platform. It is our mission to make trading as simple to understand as possible for our clients.

Thus, we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes – understanding their needs and anticipating their wants.

What separates Mitrade from other brokers?

Even though Mitrade is a new trading platform, we take that as our biggest advantage. It’s new, fresh, easy to use, and because we are small, we yearn to constantly improve, upgrade, and strive catch up to our toughest competitors, and even exceeding them one day. There is a massive goal in sight.

We understand our client’s needs and as such we’ve developed a proprietary platform, which means we can adapt and make changes quickly, and respond to the needs of our clients within the shortest period of time (as compared to a third-party platform).

How have shifting regulations affected the overall industry and how is Mitrade uniquely positioned to deal with them?

Compliance is at the heart of everything we do – I’m glad that Mitrade has a strong compliance culture and our Board is fully supportive of ensuring a positive client outcome.

They had me, a long time Compliance professional to be the CEO – this in itself tells their understanding that good compliance represents an opportunity to enhance the value of a business

We also believe the new measures are overall sensible as they give retail investors greater confidence; We want our clients to still enjoy trading CFDs with greater confidence and this is something our platform strives to deliver

Have you noticed any specific client trends or demand for specific instruments so far this year?

Besides the entertainment industry, trading is also entering a mobile-first era. Investors are hungry for a comprehensive but easy-to-use trading app to formulate and execute their trading strategies.

This is why Mitrade is formed by a huge team of IT experts, and we listen to every customer’s needs and respond by constantly enhancing our platform to keep space with the changing market dynamics.

What are some key developments in the pipeline for Mitrade in H2 2019 and beyond?

Our company and product are constantly improving, upgrading and expanding, as any innovative companies would.

Expansion is in the pipeline, but as we regard regulations and recognised licences as a highly important matter, that means that until we have acquired the relevant licences then we will proceed to the next stage of development.

About Mitrade

Mitrade Global Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based CFDs online trading broker that operates its business under the regulation of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (AFSL 398528). With a mission to simplify FX and CFDs, Mitrade provides a self-developed trading platform and a wide range of assets including FX, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies that best suit investors’ needs from all over the world.

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