Mitrade Launches New Trading App, Web Trader

In under 5 months, Mitrade has pulled off a massive restructure, having retooled both its products and services suites

The need to stay ahead in the brokerage space has never been more important. This is especially true in the FX and contracts-for-difference (CFDs) industry, which has seen an uptick of competition in 2019. In light of a shifting space, Mitrade Global Pty Ltd has stood out for its innovative approach to brokerage services.

Mitrade originally began its operations over eight years ago with the aim of simplifying CFDs trading. Since then, its services suite has swelled to CFDs including not only FX but also commodities, indices and cryptos.

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A year to remember

Few companies have undergone bigger internal changes than Mitrade in 2019. In under five months, Mitrade has pulled off a massive restructure, that has retooled both its products and services suites. The group has also orchestrated a cash back and trading rebate program.

This also includes a growing emphasis on CFDs, which now includes upwards of nearly 100 different instruments on offer for clients. On top of this, Mitrade already offers access to a sizable selection of FX pairs, top commodities, and a robust basket of cryptos and indices.

Most recently however, it was Mitrade’s launch of a new trading app that has made the biggest waves with clients. Its newest iteration, the version 1.1 Trading App comes with an upgraded analytic function, faster execution, and a new rebate program.

What can Mitrade do for you

Mitrade also provides its growing trading base with a dynamic proprietary trading platform that is tapped “Mitrade”. Developed by a team of finance and technology experts, the platform leverages all frequently used features, including all functions on the App that are found on Mitrade’s Web Trader.

The new platform is expected to foster seamless trading experience at any time and from anywhere, making it a game changer for clients. Several notable features include the following:

  • Superior Trading Performance
  • Efficient Risk Management Tools
  • Growing basket of commodities, including gold, silver, platinum and brent
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies on offer
  • Competitive trading costs, low overnight fees
  • Under ASIC’s supervision, all clients’ funds are required to be held in segregated bank accounts
  • Real time notifications and news update

Mitrade’s new Trading App is now available and can be found on both App Store and Google Play. More information can be found on Mitrade by accessing its Facebook page or Instagram.

About Mitrade

Mitrade Global Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based CFDs online trading broker that operates its business under the regulation of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (AFSL 398528). With a mission to simplify FX and CFDs, Mitrade provides a self-developed trading platform and a wide range of assets including FX, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies that best suit investors’ needs from all over the world.

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