ParagonEX Dynamic: A Year Like No Other

B2B trading software solutions, ParagonEX Dynamic, was at the forefront of the fintech response to the pandemic.

It was March 2020 when the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic. What followed was a year of uncertainty, unpredictability and change.

But the year also brought with it evolution.

We all tried new ways to function, whether at work or at home. Every sector of the global economy had to scramble to adapt and fintech was no different.

Born of the last financial crisis in 2008, fintech providers were among the fastest to respond to peoples need for digital solutions to everyday problems.

Leading provider of comprehensive B2B trading software solutions, ParagonEX Dynamic, was at the forefront of the fintech response to the pandemic.

Known for its end-to-end advanced technology solutions for businesses, the company stood up to the challenge of empowering fintech service providers to offer cutting-edge solutions to cater to their clients’ needs.

Amnon Goldrat, CEO of ParagonEX Dynamic, stated: “When the pandemic struck, everybody working in the Fintech sector needed to evaluate the situation and try to make the best of it. At ParagonEX Dynamic, we’ve always taken pride in innovation and that is exactly what we were able to offer to businesses so they could quickly adapt their offerings.”

ParagonEX Dynamic already had an international team, so remote work was nothing new for the company. The work-from-home situation was easily and quickly adapted to the work process. It was not difficult for the fintech solutions provider to direct its focus to developing new strategies, improving its services and products, and gaining new business partners.

Here’s what happened with ParagonEX Dynamic during the “stay-at-home” year.

  1. Concentrating on perfecting its products and services

The team had one priority in mind. That was to further improve their best-selling products and services, every tool, every feature. This is how their flagship trading platforms Newbie Trader and SimpleX, and their more advanced platforms designed for skilled traders, became even more competitive than before.

  1. Launching a new retention tool

The company worked at full throttle and managed to reach another milestone. They expanded their portfolio by adding yet another state–of–the–art trading tool. Robot Trading is a retention tool for smart automated trades, featured in ParagonEX Dynamic’s trading platforms.

  1. Participating in virtual fintech events

The hard work done by the ParagonEX Dynamic team had to be showcased, so that clients could benefit from the company’s premium products and services. To do so, the fintech provider participated in two worldwide financial exhibitions – FM Virtual Summit and Virtual Vision Finance. At each fintech expo, the company achieved great success and garnered new business partners and clients.

  1. Highly anticipated webinar that broke attendance records

ParaganEX Dynamic held a long-awaited free webinar on “How the new economic crisis can affect fintech positively.” The company’s experts discussed how to leverage the situation and start a business, choosing between a licensed and white label trading platform, and why fintech businesses need a turnkey solution from a reputable provider, like ParagonEX Dynamic. Many attended the event and left extremely positive feedback of their experience.

  1. New deals, new clients, new partners

2020 was a year of ebb and flow for business. On the one hand, some of ParagonEX Dynamic’s clients had to shut shop, while on the other, new clients looking to start their venture took advantage of the provider’s turnkey fintech solutions. ParagonEX Dynamic recently expanded its leadership position and global footprint by entering the Asian market with its new South Korean partners.

“It was a rough ride, but we buckled up and stayed focused and committed” said Amnon Goldrat. “We pride ourselves with being farsighted and we know that even though this storm might be near its end, this is just the beginning of a change that will continue at an ever-accelerating rate.”

ParagonEX Dynamic has a clear vision for its roadmap in the years to come. The company has always relied on and built upon its foundation, its core values – innovation, simplicity, quality. This is what drives the team towards excellence, providing nothing but the best that the company is capable of.

The experts follow financial, social, technological and environmental trends, so they can integrate the latest into the company’s fintech solutions.

The trading platform provider is well prepared to not just stay in the market for the long haul but to retain its leadership position.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for rapid adaptability and responsiveness. Companies that did not move with agility to adopt digitization and innovation were left behind.

Digital finance, green fintech innovations, one-click solutions. These are just a few aspects that companies started offering as part of their financial products, perfecting their solutions with each passing day.

The industry has already changed the way financial services interact with consumers drastically. But the evolution is likely to continue.

ParagonEX Dynamic is a leading provider of fintech platforms, with a wide range of end-to-end trading solution for business owners. As a reliable software partner, ParagonEX Dynamic’s mission is to ensure a seamless user experience with countless opportunities to increase client profitability.

For more information, visit the ParagonEX Dynamic website or send your inquiries to INFO@PARAGONEX-DYNAMIC.COM

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