ParagonEX Dynamic Signs an Exclusive Partnership in South Korea

This new collaboration aims to present new, innovative, easy-to-use products and services to its customers.

After extensive research, the world-leading South Korean company, Skycity Group, signed an exclusive strategic partnership with ParagonEX Dynamic, a global market leader that provides an array of advanced and state of the art Fintech platform solutions.

This new collaboration aims to present new, innovative, easy-to-use products and services to its customers.

ParagonEX Dynamic will be providing a full turnkey software solution for their new and exclusive partner in South Korea.

Realizing the potential, increasing popularity and scalability of the Fintech sector, the large gaming provider has decided to add to its already diverse portfolio and will now exclusively introduce its customers to the profitable world of Fintech.

Amnon Goldrat, Chief Executive Officer at ParagonEX Dynamic commented on the exclusive deal: “This partnership is yet another tremendous milestone towards even greater success in the Asian markets which will once again reassert the company’s leadership position in the Fintech industry.”

This strategic partnership is of high importance and is highly beneficial, not only for the signing parties but equally for their customers as well. Through this collaboration, both companies will reach two major milestones:

  • Expand their market reach, regionally and globally, by offering financial solutions to an ever-growing list of customers.
  • Expansion of their exclusive service and product portfolio by creating more financial opportunities to their customers.

How ParagonEX Dynamic will Support Skycity Group

ParagonEX Dynamic is a leading global Fintech firm with a wide range of financial products and services on offer.

The company’s flagship software is a fully customizable white-label trading platform that offers complete customization, so that Skycity can offer its customers a complete brand experience. This means that the company does not need to invest any time, effort or finances to offer branded trading software.

ParagonEX Dynamic will offer 24/7 tech support, so that Skycity will not need to hire an entire in-house team to take care of the platform. The white label platform is known for its high-end security features that ensure the safety of all customer information.

This easy-to-use platform is suitable for traders of all skill and experience levels and comes with a user-friendly interface for convenient entry to the financial markets.

Groundbreaking Fintech Solutions

Committed to offering its customers and partners the latest technology solutions, ParagonEX Dynamic constantly innovates and upgrades its Fintech offerings. In a rapidly evolving industry, agile implementation of the latest advances in technology has been the key to success for the company.

For instance, with its API integration services, ParagonEX Dynamic offers a wide range of cutting-edge widgets that are ready for implementation on their customer’s existing operating platform.

Moreover, the UX/UI design has been thoughtfully developed to ensure simplicity of use.

The company takes pride in latest innovative offerings, SimpleX and Newbie Trader. The former is a state-of-the-art forex trading solution that has been a best-seller for ParagonEX Dynamic for several years now.

The company constantly innovates and improves the platform to offer the most satisfying experiences for traders of all experience levels. Newbie Trader is a trading platform that has been especially created for beginners.

The aim is to ease their journey to learning about the financial markets and gaining confidence. However, the feature-rich platform is suited for experienced traders as well.

ParagonEX Dynamic also offers social trading capabilities, through which traders can follow experts and copy their strategies. With transparent tracking of records and a leaderboard, trading can be fun with this feature.

In addition, the easy-to-use Portfolio Manager helps traders to implement various portfolio strategies to build and diversify their portfolios.

The company also offers 360o solutions for businesses, such as server hosting, technical support and updates, integration with market data feeds, All-in-One CRM and integration with payment processing solutions.

ParagonEX Dynamic also takes great pride in offering value-added services, such as 24/7 customer support, dedicated account management and training for the back-office features of its platforms through virtual instructors and online sessions.

The aim is to ensure that each business partnering with ParagonEX Dynamic makes the most of all the functionalities offered by its fintech solutions.

For more information, visit the ParagonEX Dynamic or send your queries to INFO@PARAGONEX-DYNAMIC.COM

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