FBS Holds Charity Event to Provide Health Supplies in Indonesia

FBS couldn’t stay indifferent in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak and held a charity event in April.

Over the past few months, the entire world has been suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. In most countries, borders are closed, people are in self-isolation. Indonesia is not an exception; the situation in the country is difficult.

Common people are in lack of masks and gloves they can use for self-protection. Even when the goods become available, the price is so high that people cannot afford to buy them.

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The hospitals face a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) as well. It is especially critical for paramedics who are exposed to Covid-19 every day. As a result, dozens of doctors are dead; hundreds of medical staff are infected.

FBS couldn’t stay indifferent and held a charity event in April. The company distributed masks, liquid sanitizers, gloves, and other protective equipment to the hospitals in West Java: Soreang Hospital, Pratama Clinic, and Santo Borromeus Hospital in Bandung, Bayu Karta Hospital in Karawang, Public Health Center in Tasikmalaya.

Besides, the FBS team gave away free masks to people in need and disinfected the streets in the Kiaracondong subdistrict of Bandung.

The company hopes that these actions may help to flatten the curve of CoViD-19 and prevent its spread.

The main aim of this charity event is to help needy people and health workers who fight for the lives of the Indonesian people.

The company will go on investing in similar projects in the region. FBS plans to provide PPE to hospitals, clinics, and public health centers in other cities in Java.

Help, compassion, and hope are the things people in Indonesia need right now.

Together with on-sight organizations, FBS will contribute to the overall wellbeing in the underprivileged districts and help to protect as many citizens as possible.

About FBS

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Over 11 years in the field, the broker won 50 international awards, including Best International Forex Broker, Best Forex Brand, and Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe.

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