Exclusive Capital Offer Professionally Curated Investment Strategies

The new investment strategies from Exclusive Capital are designed to make investing simpler for clients of all backgrounds.

With current market conditions and continued volatility, it has become more vital for institutional investors to capitalize on portfolio managers that can generate consistent, long-term growth.

Exclusive Capital, a regulated financial services and investment firm, focuses on just that, by managing wealth preservation and growth for the investor through its flagship investment strategy.

Through conducting rigorous research, analysis and an established process, Exclusive pursues absolute returns in evolving, complex markets by employing active management and an unconstrained approach.

The strategy has achieved on average, an impressive 20%+ annualised net return, year-on-year, for the last five years, with total growth of 214% since its inception in 2015.

Chief Business Development Officer, Myria Evdokimou “Our strategy is built from the ground up, focusing on robust, tried-and-tested fundamentals combined with dynamic modern investment concepts. This comprehensive approach has helped us maintain impressive growth for five consecutive years, with no signs of slowing.”

Developed and run by Exclusive Capital’s dedicated portfolio managers, the strategy offers clients a simple way to invest with confidence in a portfolio that has generated total returns that are substantially higher than the S&P 500 index and other relative indices and benchmarks.

The investment strategy is actively managed for positive real returns and does not follow any market index. The strategy is completely transparent regarding pricing, and there are no hidden fees or complex payment structures. A performance fee is charged on a high watermark basis, giving the investor the comfort that our interests are aligned with theirs. 

exclusive capitalChief Economist & Portfolio Manager, George Kessarios

“At Exclusive Capital, we do not typically use leverage as part of our approach, mitigating much of the risk often associated with many investment strategies. Instead, by diligently monitoring a combination of stock valuations, quality, and momentum, we maintain a flexible and proactive approach to investing, designed to strike the optimal balance between risk and reward.”

With the investment strategy’s fully audited track record and performance, the firm hopes to continue to attract a wide range of investors who value both simplicity and sustainable long-term growth, whether that be new investors or seasoned professionals who want to take a step back from active portfolio management.

About Exclusive Capital

Exclusive Capital offers a diverse range of services to help clients invest, manage, and grow their wealth with confidence. The firm leverages the latest technology to offer world-class asset management, multi-asset trading, liquidity services and so much more.

Exclusive Capital aims to empower more people to achieve their investment goals through sustainable growth.

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