CCI Traders Launches New Educational Webinars Series

CCI Traders has come up with a solution of proper education and training.

CCI Traders has launched a new series of educational webinars and online seminars with their ever-growing list of satisfied Traders. The new slate of webinars and online seminars are aimed at enhancing the way clients trade, while also placing a greater emphasis on education.

CCI Traders is offering training and education for everyone from The Basics of Trading, Advanced Trading Skills to Trade as the Professionals do.

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Most clients usually come on board with the wrong state of mind and normally having heard from colleagues, friends or seen adverts that show how much money people make from trading. However, we both know the reality is something as follows:

  • Clients more often do not gain as much as they wanted.
  • Clients rarely want to ‘invest’ in educating themselves properly as they are desperate to make money. They want to be told rather than taught.
  • Clients are often working full time so cannot devote time to learning skills properly and will take short cuts and inadvertently make mistakes
  • Not knowing what to do and when to do it. They want to trade so they’ll gamble and hope for the best.
  • Always looking for shortcuts or that ONE winning strategy that will make them RICH.

All this leads to traders having a bad experience and they then blame brokers & training academies & stop trading & then post online about trading difficulties.

CCI Traders has come up with a solution of proper education and training because we believe that a successful trader is an educated trader while a happy trader is also an educated and well-informed trader.

Find different topics, dates, and times for the webinars here

You can watch previous educational classes on CCI Traders’ YouTube channel.

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