A New Era in the Healthcare Industry: Virtual Clinics and Stem Cell Therapy

Innovation in global healthcare is needed, as stem cell-based regenerative medicine could be the answer.

Hospitals can be time-consuming. Whether you’re visiting a loved one or checking in yourself, it takes our most valuable asset – time, stealing the ability to gift out more hours to ourselves and derive the maximum enjoyment from life.

Moreover, the quality of healthcare we receive is often far from ideal. Specialists estimate that the misdiagnosis occurs in 10-20% of cases. What could be done to eradicate outdated services and fulfill our dreams of a healthier life? Solutions do exist.

If you’re convinced that your day is already overscheduled, think again: there might be a revolutionary way that you can use to work towards a more efficient and healthier lifestyle.

Virtual clinics

One of the ways is a virtual clinic. It can conduct visits asynchronously, which is just as effective as in-person visits while saving time for both patients and doctors. Instead of coming into medical centers for the routine follow-up care, patients can schedule an eVisit and get medical recommendations, eliminating the travel time.

Apart from transforming the medical system into a more efficient one, a higher innovation in global healthcare medication is much needed. A stem cell-based regenerative medicine could be the savior.

In 2006, researcher Shinya Yamanaka found that mature cells could be harvested from body tissues and infected with a virus as a way of returning them to their immature state. Once there, these stem cells can be developed into any cell of the body. In 2012, Shinya Yamanaka won a Nobel Prize for his work.

Stem cells promise to change the healthcare: doctors might take an individual’s skin, blood or other cells and then use those to grow kidney cells, neurons or whatever was needed to treat a disease.

That is just the beginning. Today, scientists are exploring what stem cells could mean for our health and how they could prolong our lives. The therapy can already be used in the areas of cardiology, musculoskeletal, neurology, dermatology, wound healing, and cancer. And the potential is even bigger.

Bringing innovative healthcare to the world

The demand for stem cell therapy is anticipated to be at an all-time high as more patients seek to use their own cells to heal from various injuries and diseases. As with any specialized procedure, the cost will reflect the depth of the treatment and the time spent on working with the patient.

This is where the emerging high-tech companies such as Stem Cell Project come in. The blockchain-powered company offers a number of solutions for transforming conventional healthcare as well as containing the rising costs of innovative treatments that could help regenerative medicine to gain a foothold in the market. All of them will be based on cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Cell Bank by Stem Cell Project is one of the solutions for patients. It will create a repository to store their stem cells exclusively. In doing so, patients can benefit from their own stored stem cells when they are in need of therapies. Another solution, with which Stem Cell Project envisions to revolutionize the healthcare industry is a concept of Virtual Clinic.

Virtual Clinic Platform will be equipped with AI chatbots and the blockchain-based diagnosis system, thus, creating new opportunities to deliver high-quality healthcare to patients. By using the cutting-edge diagnosis technology and the network of member hospitals and clinics, including Japan Society of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine, the project plans to create a remote medical check-up and a search/reservation system for medical centers.

With just a smartphone app, Virtual Clinic with healthcare professionals and medical support staff is at your fingertips. No long queues or additional travel expenses – a patient can consult a doctor anytime and anywhere.

Stem Cell Project accelerating progress

Besides launching Cell Bank and Virtual Clinic, Stem Cell Project aims to accelerate the research and development of the stem cell treatment. The company shows plenty of real-life clinical cases with R&D and giving therapies such as patients suffering from cancer, stroke, spinal cord injury, diabetes.

One of their main project’s vectors with a truly global demand is the stem cell therapy for alopecia – the cause of hair loss and baldness. It is still under research but is almost established as a complete treatment. The Stem Cell Project team hopes that they accelerate the development of the therapy and thus change the lives of millions.

The company’s concept is based on blockchain technology with Stem Cell Coin (SCC) as a centerpiece. SCC will be used as a payment in Virtual Clinic Platform and affiliated hospitals. The Stem Cell Project team believes that with the help of cryptocurrency and blockchain it’s possible to make healthcare more accessible to people worldwide.

The company has already stepped into the crypto world with the presale of its SCC tokens. Now everyone has an opportunity to become a part of this innovative and truly promising project and make his or her own contribution to a better and healthier world.

If you want to learn more about Stem Cell Project and keep up with the latest news, visit the official website and follow the project on social media: Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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