August FX Volume Rises 48pct YoY at Intercontinental Exchange

August figure also reflected a 12 percent increase month-over-month from just 33,000 contracts in July 2020.

Georgia-based Intercontinental Exchange, or ICE, disclosed positive metrics across its FX and credit volumes today, which averaged 37,000 contracts per day in August.

The figure reflected a 12 percent increase month-over-month from just 33,000 contracts in July 2020. In addition, the exchange operator registered a more robust advance in volumes when compared to the number of contracts in August 2019, having jumped by over 48 percent year-on-year from 25,000.

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The overall financial products, which also include interest rates and equity indices, dropped 33 percent year-on-year after revealing 1.7 million contracts per day compared to 2.57 million in August 2019. However, the figure rose by nearly 12 percent on a monthly basis.

Turnover from ICE’s flagship energy contracts dropped further off record highs in August, according to data released today, as the volatility eased following the free-fall in prices in March, which heightened interest from retail and speculative investors.

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For the month ending August 2020, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange saw its energy volume average at 2.48 million contracts per day, which represents a fall of 4 percent year-on-year compared with 2.6 million contracts in August 2019. Across a monthly interval, the latest figures showed a 7 percent gain from 2.32 million contracts per day in July.

Rivals Data Shows Mixed Volumes

Volatility consolidated last month in the context of a typical calm in summer. Though roiling global markets with turbulence remained elevated through to the end of August, which benefitted some exchange operators.

Overall, ICE’s aggregated volumes were characterized by mixed results. This was across both the monthly and yearly intervals, while volumes were broadly flat in August across most business segments.

During the reported month, ICE’s August average daily volume (ADV) for futures and options business was reported at 4.58 million contracts per day, which corresponded to a positive change of 10 percent month-over-month from 4.18 million per day in July 2020. However, this latest figure marks a 17 percent drop over August 2019, which came at 5.55 million contracts per day.

In terms of ICE’s total commodities volume, the figure was flat in its overall performance, amounting to average 2.85 million contracts per day in August 2020. This is up 8 percent vs. 2.64 million contracts from the month prior. The group’s commodities activity was down 4 percent year-on-year when weighed against 2.98 million contracts that were reported back in August 2019.

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