Where Does Most of Leverate's Business Come from?

Metrics for 2015 released by Leverate show a strong trend towards regulation, as well as offline activity growth in China.

Forex and binary options brokerage technology provider Leverate has released some key yearly statistics showing how the firm fared during 2015. The results revealed are overwhelmingly positive and the company says this is because it correctly predicted that 2015 would bring changes in regulation – tightening enforcement in the European Union and regulating new markets – as well as the growth and convergence of binary options and forex in Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

Leverate reports that it signed a new deal for LXLite and/or BX8 every 2.3 days since the launch of these products in June and July 2015 respectively. Sales of these two products accounted for 40% of the overall sales of the company (as its privately owned Leverate does not divulge actual sales figures, only percentages).

Thanks to a tougher enforcement environment on unlicensed brands in 2015, 86% of the new brokerages in the EU that signed with Leverate chose LXLite because it comes with regulation out of the box, accounting for 45% of the company’s overall sales in the EU. In total, EU sales accounted for 28% of overall sales.

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Growth in the APAC region was unprecedented for Leverate in 2015 as sales in the region grew 65% from the previous year and accounted for 32% of the company’s overall sales. Most of these sales were in mainland China and were generated by Leverate’s Shanghai office, according to the firm.

Regarding leads, Leverate reports that 52% of sales came from a physical network of partners in the region and events including expos, but mainly on seminars created with partners across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Events, such as seminars alone, generated 24% of sales. Leverate boasts that thanks to its strong brand in Asia, twice the number of contacts come in directly compared with anywhere else in the world. This is attributed to its local presence in Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as investments in local technology.


Back in December, Leverate announced the opening of its newest office in Berlin, Germany. It is dedicated to supporting sales of the developer’s products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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